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'My pursuit for resolution and application of government investigation privileges I could

determine on hand coupled with a now long standing police certification - which some could

say was more deserving in my little under qualified hands than those whom pretended to

care for the Mount Gambier community for years.

Investigating finds underlying the betadine as blood in my face wash in 2014 is that STD’s is

an underworld threat (as printed in The Border Watch, Mount Gambier year of 2016) link to

Freemason and policing, the gypsy jokers bikers and Nazis - a devastating repetitive discovery in reality. The flow on effects of this manipulation war astronomical. What was most

devastating was that despite clear blood tests Always, reality is the government have used

me as a police pin cushion, possible to run an agenda on the Gypsy Jokers who threatened

to rape me since at least 2004. Not saying the offences are undeserving of aggression, but

appropriately this should not be on a police level. Public, family and personal poor attitudes

can be understood in sexual offences though not justice in our society.

I was a victim of an incident early 2000’s - 2004 I believe. A case that went before the court

and I was compensated and granted 2 lifetime intervention orders against 2 of 3 offenders.

Kylie the big girl, known to STARForce at the time and pregnant, bellowed the threat that her

Gypsy Joker Uncle would rape me, was Never charged. A Winning Victim, even though the

offenders in court being Sarah and Miriam Maddison had a Mum which was a police used

prostitute. These aboriginal girls spending much time at The Commercial Pub, Mount

Gambier, South Australia with the Gypsy Jokers 2004 - 2007. It took me 3 years through

court and the second year of fighting for justice against a prostitution associated offenders

had me drugged and raped at least 3 times in 2006 before resolution was met. Resolution

stalled until after the gang threat was allowed to play out. Charged in court Sarah Maddison

was My brothers ex and my brother was the reason she was loitering my rental property.

Rape bait since 2004 is irrefutable and prior to this STARForce clearly had investigations

and operations that hovered over my life. I wonder if even the well overdue Royal

Commision will end this deep seeded practice of hate.

Luke Scheidl in 2014 telling me SAPOL had used me as quote “bait” and “how could they

resist” ringing everyday in my mind. The pure disregard for my life concreted immortally in

the message from my brother saying this is “bigger than you dear”. No wonder everyone was

happy to watch me be raped and survive or didn’t care if I didn’t. David Kyriacou stating I

was too hard and transferring out. Darryl, through someone he had clearly communicated

with regarding my rental after witnessing 5 years of the harassment and my despair,

transferring out and leaving it as 'My Drama' the apparent words. Darryl’s actions

devastating me, the man clearly flirting - maybe married. I fell for him and trusted him SO

much too. I’m Never that bad a judge of Character. Calling a few of these men Cute and

Stupid, it was a moment where I was Cute and Stupid too. SAPOL and Red Baron in the

army interested Uncle Greg had A lot to hide from the unveiling of the truth. A sickening form

of self preservation for what if is true, is a despicable crime committed by police with

evidently the government aware on some level of this operation, the labor government where

I was concerned 2004, Liberal governing basically since the death of Gordon Hamm. Rape

after rape after rape for 5 years. Drugging after drugging 2004 onwards, and in 2017 until

2019 - 3 men that should have known better or said they loved me. Claims from men

wanting to rescue me from this regime, in front of police investigators I was raped and one

offender an officer who stated without remorse I couldn’t prove it - to which I disagree. It’s

hard to deny this is Not a deliberate act and actions with my life. It can almost be concluded

that this is allowed to go on to run some underground biker/war regime stemming from World

Wars 1 & 2. The police, service man, doctors and nurses most likely to be STD carriers by

fact. I am reminded of how these services conduct functions together and of my invitation in


A surreal feeling realising you may be dying after being used as a walking weapon to

evidently make others slowly die a fate you didn’t know you were part of. Then to

considerations of the revelation that you have also have 15 years of recovery snatched from

you can’t be put into words.

To me this was not something these men can blame on war times of so long ago. I am

Simply, The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement. Luke booking a tattoo at the start of our

relationship in Portland, Victoria, Australia. If this is the case, this was deliberate as he

knows about what the Gypsy Jokers and Hells Angels do. Myself, innocence smashed

during this crash course of learning about bikers since 2014 and assisting police. Having to

fend for myself after and during biker threats. Luke's Mum having interactions with The head

of the gypsy jokers and Boof during Luke’s upbringing. To me it also states Luke had an

STD prior to dating me, from the COA gang activities or from living with Rod, not from

Graham Young. Or even myself. Rod, a needle user and ex prostitute in Sydney apparently

with STD resided at his live in work before I met Luke Scheidl. Not judgemental this is where

I had Luke blood and urine tested 2010, stated - I did not want to catch Rods STD or any

STD. Myself with a clear blood and urine test in year of 2007 I believe. Testing my ex prior to

Luke in 2008 or 2009 with the scare after dating Jason Parker. The tests all showing clear.

Either way at this point I think I was already carrying an STD as I think was Luke. This is why

SAPOL used me as 'bait' I believe. And what Luke was referring too. The police allowing me

to be raped after the 2004 threat which would have been to spread STD through the Gypsy

Jokers. The ONLY reason you'd playing out the threat of raping me and cover it up instead

of placing charges. No one telling me or charging any of the sex offenders. Clean and clear

tests to this day.

Quoting JAMES COMEY Former FBI Director with ABC News chief anchor George

Stephanopoulos: 'First and foremost, it's someone who realizes that lasting values have to

be at the center of their leadership. Whether they're in government or in the private sector or

leading a university, they have to focus on things like fairness and integrity and, most of all,

the truth. That the truth matters.'

The truth here is the result of this war practice with an innocent, attractive, little girl. Was

simply, the destruction of a little girl, for petty gains and further up the chain for power and

political gain. Eye for an Eye achievements. Which in turn break and destroys communities

in the wake of these alliances and hidden discrepancies. I don’t agree with this practise nor

will I be silenced in resolution for the police, freemasonry, family or government. I have a

Right to Resolution, the People have the Right to the Truth, Always. Freedom of Speech and

Freedom of Information rights eroding throughout 2019 in Australia with a controversial

Australian Federal Police bust on the ABC. Following suit to the American trends of Donald

Trumps constant attacks on media and truth it is So important government is accountable to

the people it serves and can Not cover such criminal conduct. This is something we all

should strongly protect. No one should be scared to report government or in my

circumstance Criminal Police misconduct.

Human Rights Matter. I am, the misuse and abuse of association laws for police and political

gain. I am, The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement.

Kurt Slaven was FINALLY Charged on the (DATE, charging officer, Luke Scheidl's contribution to Slavens charge)

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