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Updated: Jan 21, 2020

Thank you ALL for your support and Amazing patience with pre purchasing. Here you can read more behind this Proofing - the Guilty Slaven Writer’s Proof for print manuscript.

The UGLY HEROS Biography being a true story was submitted end of 2019 as report in Labor’s efforts to call a well overdue Royal Commission for our Community and the State under a current Liberal state leadership. The Guilty Slaven Writers Proof Manuscript is currently regularly updated and remains available for you to DOWNLOAD FREE (code: GUILTYSLAVEN) until the Print version hits Australia's Leading Bookstores. UGLY HEROS - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement, Gripping Accounts of a Regional Underworld. Life in the Shadows of the Elite STARForce team of the South Police Force.


‘A world untold’

It starts at Margaret Street in Mount Gambier, South Australia - after the detective sexually assaulted myself at the pines location, 2001.

Not yet 17 years of age, making the crime an offence against a minor. The 2 rabbits were murdered in our rental. A failed attempt by 4 boys, Not known at this time to me. They tried to force myself to perform oral sex all these incidents within this short period first leaving parental care. The boys, a short boy with dark hair the main sexual aggressor, were Unsuccessful in the attempted sex crime. The small, dark haired boy during this attack stating my tongue ring was to suck cock. NOT A Chance, I literally vomited at the statement. I was dropped off in the middle of my rentals street, Margaret Street. Left by the white commodore near our rental, this rental property was located near the refurbished old jail - a well known backpacker facility which holds Epic events like ‘Red Hot Summer Tour’ in Mount Gambier. My boyfriend was frantic this night, as with All my school friends. All out looking for me, Tim waiting anxiously at home. I was picked up by my friends, I had made it home from 2 attempted sexual assaults and I was okay. Good school mates. We rented the premises on Margaret Street for 3 months during the beginning half of 2001. My Birthday to turn 17 years of age (2001) falling in the later half of April. When we moved to Doughty Street, that's when the 2 rabbits were killed. Overnight, in approximately a 12 to 16 hour period. I found one bunny stiff on the dust pan and the other lop eared rabbit in the walkway - this on the final day moving out from the Margaret Street residence. This rental residence adjoined and was part of the at the time debit collection provider called ‘Town and Country.’

Margaret Street was my first home away from home. It was a relative of my at the time boyfriend’s, the home adjoining the leasees office - as fresh out of home teens, we were only really alone at night. Young and in love, we moved out of home together planning our future. Tim and I shared a love for motorsports and a passion for driving.

I didn’t realise but it changed me. What Slaven did, his threat, all that was orchestrated to follow.

At Doughty Street Tim was quick to get me a new floppy eared bunny. A successful carpenter at trade level Tim was developing into the successful builder he established himself to be, evident at this young age - both of us teenagers. It was from here, the Dougthy Street rental, where the reattempt at sexual assault - a second incident of rape was to be attempted. The predator and his disgusting naked body, podgy belly, elbow out holding his head in his hand, something I can Not erase from my mind even after all this time.

In 2002, maybe earlier, I had been told a man was targeting my relative as a perspective drug addict - they failed at this time. After intervening in the developing relationship, between the relative and methamphetamines drug addict ambulance personnel, I was able to shed light on the fake friend. Later, I learned of a correlation between my attacker and this first responder of the ambulance service - a man named Ian. Ian used as an informant by the Mount Gambier Police Station around this time apparently. A man that preyed on his step daughter, a step daughter whom ended up in the prostitution industry with a Meth/ICE addiction and a history of interacting with police officers like Paul Griffiths. Paul Griffiths being filmed buffing the prostitutes car in the early 2000’s. Personally I can confirm this man is a sexual predator, with myself falling asleep in my bed while residing with my friend on Derrington Street. This man whom had been floating around my brother with his drug habit attempted to crawled into the single bed I slept and attempted to sexually touch myself between the legs. I pushed him out of the bed causing a bottle of car wash to fall from the cupboard to the floor. The plastic bottle broke and spilled blue car wash on the floor. I moved my brother into my next rental residence, Lake Terrace West, and Ian’s presence dissolved.

I had a new boyfriend 2002, Tim and I in love but young, we broke up. This boy, I believe, was the second person I confided in regarding the old detective police man. Concerned from being warned by him not to tell anyone and scared at this age not to talk.

We didn’t talk about it - the rape much, enough to know he was not a good police officer. It was after speaking out this time I never forgot my offenders name. I was alerted of the people and gangs/bikers my offender spoke to and knew this man was linked with very bad persons - gangsters. I was ready to tell someone in 2002 though scared, 1 year later ready to report the sex crime and attempted futher assault, So now what? I KNOW he’s associated with the bikers. How do you report a police officer, where do you go - to his friends!!? A teenager with no one, at a time in the year where I had been living with a friend as my parents would not let me move home - I gave up hope of justice then. Other than the police check that I had to take to teach swimming, I kept as far as possible from the police. Until Gordon Hamm died.

Eventually I had developed some trust in one officer in my hometown. Not trusting this officer enough to report the rape - I knew he would know him. It was when Gordon Hamm was murdered that I meet a Victorian Homicide officer whom displayed humanity confiding in him regarding some of my concerns.

Before jumping too far ahead, let me outline Mount Gambier is a beautiful City located in regional South Australia. My family resided 38 km from the city towards the beach. I went to a regional area high school outside Mount Gambier in a place called Allendale. Allendale is an area school, a small regional and rural school it is well equipped for the area and includes a Primary and High School. My family are private and for the majority of my upbringing they were the Restaurant Managers and Managers of Hungry Jacks. My mother is a quiet Buddhist and humble lady, my father was a state level boxer, brought up practising martial arts, local football coach and gentleman outside of Hungry Jacks and his own entrepreneurial ambitions. I recall my parents knowing a man on the highway before Mount Gambier if you were heading in from Melbourne. This man had a mechanic. This mechanic is a man I heard was linked to my rapist.

During the period reporting Kurt Slaven, after Katie Dalton falsely investigated the doctored date of 2002 that I Never reported. It was the beginning 6 months of 2018 (manuscript writers reflection has the date of writing about this incident in scripture as October 14th 2018). I spent much of 2018 in Victoria with my then partner Damian Ferrari.

At this time - the start of 2018 after the statement was written. This man - the mechanic, approached me confirming my rapist Kurt Slaven the detective was corrupt and did compromise a major SAPOL investigation. I was personally told about this corruption by the big boy - sports vehicle automobile thief himself. The unfortunate thief cleared from the automobile stunt as the police doctored statements. This among many other compromises to the investigation, compromises made by detective and my offender Kurt Slaven. A clearly ballsy man, the mechanic continued to state this police officer was a nasty man who would try and get me. At this point I was four years in from my initial reporting in 2014. 2018 and I was basically whistleblowing the policing sector by this stage - police harassment had escalated to legal proceedings and each addition to the statement against Kurt Slaven concluded in ‘I am prepared to go to court’. These warning like words of ‘nasty’ were heard but no deterrent. That said, I can’t believe that when I finally got to report the horrific sexual offender that it was a cover up campaign, as opposed to just charging the offender and resolution.

Both Paul Griffiths and Kurt Slaven were reported in the year of 2014. By the year 2018, no resolution had been reached regarding the statement against Kurt Slaven and the anti corruption body - ICAC and the Police Ministries had been involved. The Intergrity Commission of South Australia could not even achieve resolution to serious sexual discrepancy, criminal offending and targeted harassment due to a police complaint. The police ombudsman of 2014, the integrity commission whom replaced the police ombudsman and police minister were all aware of myself. The reports against officers Griffiths and Slaven were showing Serious Legal discrepancies throughout the institutional organisation of SAPOL and government sectors.

This all revealing at the start of 2019, a Severe need for a well overdue Royal Commission into SAPOL. The rumours would revolt you - we will get there through this biography. The fabricated lies behind SAPOL withholding my Freedom Of Information (FOI) request for years, allowing severe defamation - The amount of fabricated contents is supposed to be flatteringly attentive.

Years of governments allowing numerous breaches to my Victims Rights, Duty of Care regarding use of my persons - misuse and breaches of State and Commonwealth laws. All in attempts to cover up crimes committed against myself, the Mount Gambier Community and overall the severe involvement of SAPOL in illegal industry.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is a milestone document in the history of human rights. Drafted by representatives with different legal and cultural backgrounds from all regions of the world, the Declaration was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris on 10 December 1948 (General Assembly resolution 217 A) as a common standard of achievements for all peoples and all nations. It sets out, for the first time, fundamental human rights to be universally protected and it has been translated into over 500 languages.

Back to 2002, I lived with my new partner in a rental on Lake Terrace West, 3 flats adjoined at the side. These flats are in a good area of Mount Gambier. The residence was a 2 bedroom property. With my room the back bedroom overlooking the steep hill and the city. My brother also occupied this property, the property where I first talked about the ordeals regarding detective Kurt Slaven in depth. There was a small room under this flat, it was dirty and dingy with a mattress, a fairly clean mattress. I often wonder if a homeless person slept there.

In 2002 after speaking out and finding out more about my offender I am at the conclusion that I can not report the rape, and attempted sexual assault that followed, at this time. I volunteered at an Aged Care facility called The Oaks, located on the outskirts of Mount Gambier - Yahl. Working at the local Aquatics centre also, an outdoor facility. This volunteering role leading to a full time position in Disabled Care working for the government in care facilities provided by then named IDSC/Disability SA.

I moved twice in a 12 month period with this boyfriend. Residing not far from the Police Station of Mount Gambier on Bay Road. Beautiful and maintained units, I loved this residence. I had a drum kit and with elderly neighbors and could only play during the day. My brother and I held this lease and I moved as this boyfriend was continually smashing his driver side window with his fist. This behaviour was consistent from this boy at my second rental. After separating with my first boyfriend I rented without a partner on my lease, ensuring premises security for myself. Unfortunately it was the Odd behaviour from this boyfriend which forced myself to move, so much for security. This demeanour ending our relationship regardless of the bond made when confiding in him regarding the policeman who was a detective offending and reattempt against myself.

I moved into a house on Wehl Street North and got my first dog, a kelpie, jack russel and King Charles spaniel cross. I was happy with a house, 2 garages and a backyard to sunbathe in. Working in the Disability sector and as a Swim Teacher for years at this residence, following the targeted Assault. Myself, a Swim teacher since I was 15 yrs old, I always keep myself in the Aquatics Teaching field, awarded 10 years certification from AUSTSWIM mapping out the writing of this Biography. My only time away from the Amazing children of Mount Gambier I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and teaching, to build my brand and writing.

In 2004 - 2005 I whistle blew the Government disabilities sector. I reported incidents of neglect and sexual assault at the high dependency house to which I provided care for, clients of Government organisation then named IDSC. Most of these clients could not speak nor had the cognitive ability to report that they were not being fed, medicated, rolled, washed, etc themselves. I spent a year fighting for the voiceless prior to formally reporting all incidents and abuse in writing. Taking all appropriate steps at 20 years of age to effectively have the sector looked at by Government. I wrote to local and state Managers through to the Government Disabilities office, then Disability Minister Jay Weatherill. Under Jay’s watch the sexual offences met No Charges and seemly were not investigated with no rape tests conducted for these reports made on the behalf of non cognitive clients. Clients that could NOT report for themselves. It was a labor government which achieved this unsatisfactorily addressing of the issues reported. Misconduct extending to sexual abuse was disregarded. The Government rebranding the organisations name IDSC to Disabilities SA. Jay Weatherill's office put myself on 6 months paid leave. There were no real changes to the offending employees during this time, just a new regional manager. The ministers office promised me they would be spending the time I was put on paid leave to change things, with lots of thanks for my reporting and the promises for my return to my position. I spent this time studying childcare, registering my Trademarks ‘Barbwire Noose’ and ‘Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness’ and discussing my ambitions for politics - to do a better job than Jay. Returning to see the same neglectful employees still present in employment, after paid leave - nothing had changed, heartbreaking. I was then pushed out of my position by the new manager who aligned my Disabilities Officer position hours to clash with my Aquatics Teaching commitments. This, a Government sex crime cover up process, I would Never forget.

Starting a cultural change within the Disabilities sector at Only 19, heading into my early 20’s whistleblowing this Government sector. I found in my 30’s holding Government Investigation certification, gaining justice in injustice was not any easier. The games of the inhumane and efforts to character assassinate evident, and I recognised them this time around, when I whistle blew SAPOL. I persisted with the needed stamina at this time achieving accountability and this biography was submitted in report by state Labor for the states Royal Commission into SAPOL. Acknowledgment to the humane officers who stood up and gave a little help they could when they could - the good police officers in the force - Real Hero’s mostly unnamed, amongst these Ugly Heros.

Coming to my second reporting encounter to SAPOL police since reporting the accident and theft of my VH Commodore that lead to sexual assault in 2001. 2004 I think was the year of an physical assault to my persons occurring prior to the paid leave period from this government position, this assault during the Disabilities sector whistleblowing period. I was assaulted by 3 girls total. 2 girls I did not know and an ex girlfriend of my brother who’s mother was a known prostitute in Mount Gambier. 2 of the 3 girls were charged, all 3 girls known to police. It took 3 years for me to achieve justice but I Was compensated for the attack and the prositute industry associated children Were charged, issued with a lifetime intervention order each.

The name Kylie was given to me as the 3 offender, self proclaimed niece of a Gypsy joker. The one that threatened her Uncle would rape me, Disgusting to hear from Anyone let alone from a female. The other 2 offenders, the daughters (Aboriginal decent, Maddison surname, 2 of which were sisters) of the prostitute, wouldn’t name her - Kylie. STARForce was aware of Kylie’s name the year of the offence. Yet she remained uncharged. Kylie was pregnant at the time she assaulted me and was easy to identify from details provided to police. Kylie delivered her child and stalked my Wehl Street property for years. I was informed from police sourcing that Kylie definitely was the third girls name, the offender and she did have a Gypsy Joker Uncle. Gypsy Joker affiliations - was this why it took 3 years to obtain some justice? I went to school with the Sergeant of Arms son, not my year level. The younger boy would run around town saying the Gypsy Jokers own the Mount Gambier Police Station. WTF - A Nazi affiliated, rapist pedophile biker group owning the Police Station of the town of the Famous Blue Lake of South Australia. Knowing the mechanic was linked to the Gypsy Jokers and the rapist police officer is linked to him. The possibility of a correlation between the two incidents occurs to me in hindsight, was this also a reason for the delay in charging. Police compromises due to their use of the illegal prostitution industry. I was happy to see the Maddison sisters convicted and at this time life carried on. I bought my first property, a 1 bedroom house on Penola Road at the age of 21 years old. Moving from renting Wehl Street North to rent my purchase prior to owing the property. I paid no further attention to this assault or the Kurt Slaven’s sexual assault that I’d buried within my memory.

The Beginning of April 2006, the purchase contract states. My house on the hill, Penola Road. Renting the property through long established agent Malseed Real Estate prior to purchase. The purchase was just prior to my 22nd Birthday.

I moved with my kelpie cross puppy called ‘Kuta’. I Built fencing immediately for another dog to keep Kuta company and once I settled into my property I picked a boisterous personality German Shepherd to love. Rossi, the German Shepherd was from a giveaway litter. His brother or sister a lucky save by the Amazing proprietor and vet, at then known as Blacks Veterinarian, which was located near the police station. The unfortunate puppy (not Rossi) was found in a plastic bag full of water in a bin - the puppy survived. What kind of a low life human does that!? Blacks was my vet, Ben recognised Rossi and we discussed the rescue and heartwarming outcome.

In 2009 my property made the newspaper. Located on a main highway into Mount Gambier, the neighbor was jolted in the rear by another car and was pushed through the front window. The entire front of the luckily small vehicle was in my lounge. Everyone okay, besides my endless water works. The incident resulting in a year plus of renovations and replacements of items. My first insurance claim, I am 24 years old and single, what an experience! New for old was great until it was an air loom, things you don’t remember but think got thrown out you were told to make up. It was like they didn’t care about your belongings at all, never dealing with insurance men before, I was quite put off by the experience. An openly emotional person, my once antique furnishings acquired at Estate clearances and antique shops were replaced with imported substitutes. I was this year heavily into establishing my brand ‘Barbwire Noose’. I had built a website and was trail manufacturing at this point. Study with the New Enterprise program the Government was running, Barbwire Noose transformed from an approved trademark to a brand during 2009. Completing the Certificate 4 in Small Business and the NEIS Government program 2009.

I worked a short yet prosperous career in the Real Estate industry, new home sales were my only real joy within this field. I worked initially selling established and newly built properties. I was certifying through an apprenticeship trainer called Group Training Employment. A salary position with a vehicle required to be hired. I endeavoured into the industry through an agent called Herbert Real Estate. Little did I know I was going to be working for a creep. I did not finish the apprenticeship.

My boyfriend after the car crashed through my property, single when the accident occured, ran his Fathers mill out of town. The new boyfriend 6 foot and a big boy, Luke was Muay Thai trained in Adelaide. In Mount Gambier he was just PT training with a Personal Training at the ICE House basketball stadium. He had taken a few friends to train with this man prior to dating myself. The big boy was 3 years older than me. I witnessed his Dad in general as a good business man who was heavily involved in a successful sporting club. I felt I recognised the house his Dad resided in. It was in a familiar area to the house my family visited when first moving to Mount Gambier from Port Augusta. My father opening up numerous Hungry Jacks stores across South Australia. I started to wonder of the facts of this man, with town gossip I had heard many things. In my experience, he came across as rough but professional and was always respectful to my face. I was brought up to not judge others. Especially not by what they look like. 3 months into this relationship I broke up with this boy, driving to my parents crying I recall my father saying I’m ‘looking for a prince that doesn’t exist’. The relationship wasn’t discouraged, reconciliation was - I should have known better.

In the years ahead this boyfriends Dad would threaten to cut off an employees hand and not pay his own son plus other employees for their hard labour. An employer of ex felons and work cover commitments his employees were at times a challenge. Hence the good I seen in this business man's stern nature in a town with a jail and varied demographics requiring employment. I spent time personally working at the mill with Luke and found his Dad happy and personable to work for regarding work ethic.

In April 2011 I was given an ANZ bank card to keep for my mum, in safe keeping apparently. I had a doctors appointment, the nurses area, I believe it was this year - lots of people waiting. Mount Gambier is a City with much to offer, a tight small town like community, full of friendly faces. The foyer area of the Hawkins Clinic was filled with our regular locals doing a Super important job and community members. As usual, I check in for my appointment, this appointment to be congratulated by the nurse and asked when I became a police officer? My cousin at this time a police officer and my Uncle ex STARForce Officer I brushed the qualification off as family related and carry on with life. I proceeded home to tell my then partner, Luke, about my day which included the compliment on police certification. The revelation made at my doctor's appointment.

2012 was dramatic, I believe it was at the start of the year that my human services account was accessed by a third party. A Queensland call centre employee I was told was the blame for the privacy breach. I was upset this person was Not dismissed for such a serious breach of privacy in a government organisation. Especially after access was made to All of my taxation and investment records. I spent much time following up the incident.

2012 was also the year where Luke and I boldly confronted an offender of a serious assault. 4 offenders in total were involved in the serious attack on a middle aged man with a weapon. Trespass and assault, the boys known to police were driven to the place of the offence by a Gypsy Joker associate. The driver of the offenders was the partner at the time to Phildo of the Gypsy Jokers daughter. The offenders verbalising admissions regarding the attack on the middle aged man at the local pub after they had assaulted him.

I broke up with Luke mid year 2012, not feeling I had his support in the situation. My tyre was slashed the night of this serious assault. This was supposed to be intimidating. Upon finding the slashed tyre I drove directly to the truck Beaurepaires facility on the Highway heading towards Carpenters Rock. A school friend fixed the tyre prior to heading out to call out the offenders. We were a little afraid but determined to not allow further assaults to occur. Luke and I drove to Carpenters Rocks to confront the proud offenders. Offenders protected by corrupt police. I had Obtained details about the serious assault and persons who slashed my tyre All morning, this the day after the attack on the middle aged man.

Luke upon our break up in this year 2012, our final break up, was not allowed to move in with either of his divorced parents. Apparently he had nowhere to go, this is how the break up was drawn out. Luke, like his father, revealing volatility in temperament. Luke, provoked I believe by the victim. Why I say ‘provoked’ is the victim was involved in setting up Luke to steal a car and had invested interest in seeing Luke commit a serious crime. The police reported incident occurred during Luke and myself’s break up period. The 2 boys, the said victim reported the incident, were involved an aggravated car chase and a car was rammed. The angry Big boy then drove back to my property and strangled and threatened my life. Luke stating in the moment ‘I was the one person he could kill’. As soon as he threatened me, I started to bash at his forearms telling him to stop and he released his grip. Luke smashing property in my house including fixtures this day. I reported Luke expressing the assault was gang violence related and reported the property damage also. I spent many years after the assault seeking justice and resolution. Personally attributing Lukes actions to organised crime provoked Domestic Violence.

Luke, the day he assaulted myself, self confessing he drove to the Penola Road service station. Telling a uniformed cop, Paul Griffiths and his mother of his behaviour assaulting me. Legally obligated to act as an officer - the big boy reported himself directly after the assault and should have been charged on this day. The fact that SAPOL failed to act on the assault and then continued to fail to issue intervention right up until 2020.

The initial reporting was in 2012 regarding the big boys behaviour and numerous requests for intervention order were made during 2016/2017 and again profusely 2018/2019 - with my family and many police personnel aware of the Domestic Violence masked gang violence incident, this was All unfathomable to me. Furthermore uncomprehendingly extraordinary was that I had to hound for an intervention order after a recorded discussion surrounding the offence was had between a Senior SAPOL Officer and myself. Senior Sargent David Kyriacou and I discussing the serious threat and numerous assaults. This assault on myself lead to myself forced into actions in self defense. Self defence All because of the lack of action taken by SAPOL regarding threat to life.

It was this same boy, Luke, that in 2014 stopped me from being hurt by organised crime. The same organised crime that had been manipulating him in 2012. This Luke was the Only real Luke I knew, a protective big boy. I did not know Luke personally prior to our relationship and heard mixed gossip. I NEVER make judgement on gossip, salt dressed as sugar much of the time is the opinion of others. Uncle Greg always said opinions are like assholes, my Dad’s saying too. As a result of Luke’s heroic moment, the big boy for a short period ended up helping the police with the Gordon Hamm Homicide. Scared he started to lie, this I recognised. The police not so witty.

2014, after Luke saved my life. I was told that SAPOL used me as bait in investigating and that I had had my life compromised by decisions made by my family and the commissioner a number of times. I think to myself that this was the reason for the encouragement of the intimate relationship I mentioned earlier. The Police commissioner had been socially present at my Uncle's Vineyard the Boxing Day after Christmas 2008 or 2009 ish. The premises a boutique property with vines over 100 years old - internationally exported Hobbs Winery of Barossa. Uncle Greg and the Police Commissioner Of this time were mates, so the Commissioners attendance at the time meant Nothing to me. There seemed to be nothing odd about this social celebration between friends with no time that I personally witnessed to collude regarding myself. I was not referenced in conversation and had no reason to suspect the Commissioners visit. This of no matter, after being told that I had been used I knew it was from the highest level. I did not understand how any of these people could conduct such operations and encourage such risk to a life without myself personally volunteering. To be a cop or an undercover cop - I need to agree at least. As with to be an informant. The fact that in 2017 I was told I had previously been an informant by a convicted criminal after being told I was a police officer in 2011 was SO bizarre. These revelations all during the years stemming from my assistance in the Gordon Hamm Homicide. These Felons accusing me of being an informant mentioning police officers names at these times while relaying investigations information, compromises/misconduct and intel. It was Impossible For all of this to legally occur, I need to understand. I ran my own investigation thinking I could trust officer Darryl Peter Wright. I had the right level cop, but I was Wrong, he could Not be trusted. Corrupt at the least and seemly protecting the illegal sex industry by 2019 - 4 years after he stated he'd 'look after me' in my Penola Road property and I assisted every investigation thrown my way. Darryl stole my property in the later part of 2019, as a police officer. I was left wondering about the ICAC officers intentions and integrity.

I had agreed to help after Gordon Hamm was tragically taken and shared information with numerous officers including David Kyriacou. When stipulated out loud you have to wonder, how the F*ck was my life being violated with no formal contract to SAPOL all my life basically. I had digital records stating I was a police officer for years in 2017, it was evident that there was much more to this than I knew. I felt no choice but to play the role I was being manipulated into.

I make a Great Police Officer, high integrity and intelligence yet I hate the job. I would never voluntarily apply for a role that requires me to tolerate the intolerable, pedophiles and rapists are intolerable to me.

At the beginning of 2018 I made request for my Freedom Of Information (FOI), researching the periods from 2001 - 2005 and 2010 - 2017. I was the Instructor in Charge of the Government supported Royal Lifesaving Society VACSWIM Swimming Programme in Millicent, Regional South Australia. Millicent is located approximately 50km from Mount Gambier. The program was printed in the local South Eastern Times, a front page report on the Life Saving Swim Teaching program, written by well respected local journalist Fred Smith. Having been featured in The Border Watch newspaper personally numerous times, it was my first feature for the Millicent based newspaper printed by The Border Watch of Mount Gambier. It was at this time of the year, I was also blessed with the kind and invaluable advice to request my FOI. A suggestion made when I was discussing my police misconduct concerns with an upstanding member of the local community.

My pursuit for justice at this time lead to a man, Nice Shoes - Adam Brown, to be sent by the Commissioner Grant Stevens to address my concerns. This visit from Adelaide investigators lead by Nice shoes breaching my Victims rights and starting a snowball of institutional abuse of process through the judicial system to the highest levels of state governing.

During 2018 was when a relationship developed between myself and a National Medal, Diligence and Ethics acknowledged, 33 years in the police force Victorian police Officer - Damian Ferrari. A police officer I found out when in a relationship with him had a predatorial history and Domestic Violence tendencies. He was honest regarding the police force and its operations including operations and investigations surrounding myself. I questioned as to whether Damian told me these discrepancies to psychological hurt me as upon our break up I left almost homeless and helpless somewhat. When I left Damian after moving into his Victorian residence, he showed no care regarding myself. Generating costly defamation against myself regarding his offending and myself as a person. When I left Damian he Abandoned all his revelations regarding police misconduct and Kurt Slaven’s guilt. Even though as a police officer and Government employee he had obligations to uphold. It was apparent during the year of 2019 that Damian was only trying to make things worse for myself and benefit from myself. I reported Damian for Domestic Violence and predatory offending in November 2018 to a special unit of VICPOL. A report leading to further corruption revealing at this time within the ranks of VICPOL. Damian’s disgraceful conduct after I left him all endured while court proceedings were prevalent and leading up to charging the biggest Ugly Hero of this Biography - Kurt Slaven.

Enduring the year of 2019 the realities of character assasination, false investigations and a trying period of police fabricated associations set in. The Reputational damage - often called reputation risk; the potential loss to financial capital, social capital and/or market share resulting from damage to a firm's reputation. This is often measured in lost revenue, increased operating, capital or regulatory costs, or destruction of shareholder value, was extremely extensive. This biography, The Truth, alleviating some of this reputational damage throughout the year of 2019 - many years after the defamation begun.

Anger and frustration was not hidden in my police interactions over these years of victimisation and injustice. During 2019, writing UGLY HEROS, I served the Mount Gambier community and knew the truth would prevail. Much respect and composure displayed towards the Amazing community of Mount Gambier, and Many thanks to the many friends, strangers and random supporters of justice. Your ALL Superstars!! Too Many too list - your kindness in reaching out; Those messages of encouragement and messages from those brave enough to share their stories and stories like mine were truly touching, your forever Immortalised in South Australian history.

All sexual crimes and pursuits from men during this period could be linked to ICAC - Darryl Peter Wright and/or STARForce investigations and operations. Named in accountability, not fault. The severity and Clear need for Police to be Police - Gangsters be Gangsters, Real. Life threateningly Real. There is No room for Unlawful Enforcement in the police force of Australia.

All the 3 offenders I reported over the period of 2017 - 2019 mentioning Darryl Peter Wright during conversations. All these offenders during 2017 to 2019 were service men - police and army, and trusted by police. The offenders spoke of Darryl to myself regarding Pay comparisons, age comparisons, relationship status details and investigative details regarding the South African SAPOL employee divulged. All offenders also aware STARForce had used and abused my life in investigations and operations.

The facts needed for resolution to the POLICE VS Kurt Slaven statement were written in this biography and complete within 3 months of manuscript availability of UGLY HEROS, this was the end period of 2018. Yet SAPOL continued to breach my victims rights, did not disclose the Apparent new offender until charging him was stated in court. The pursuit of Andrew Cherry as my offender from the fabricated 2002 date and the elongation of this lie detrimental to the judicial sector, not just the police force. Publication contracting was initiated for UGLY HEROS at the beginning of January 2019. This biography registering with Libraries around Australia and Leading book stores nationally 2019 also. UGLY HEROS - The Price of Unlawful Enforcement should have been released the later half of 2019.

ICAC trying to be an inherent power, resulting in abuse of power that can be compared to famous Commonwealth cases. In Ashby v Commonwealth (No 4) [2012] FCA 1411, Rares J referred to examples of proceedings being an abuse of process if “they [the proceedings] are seriously or unfairly burdensome, prejudicial or damaging, or productive of serious and unjustified trouble and harassment.” In Walton v Gardiner (1993) 177 CLR 378, Mason CJ and Deane and Dawson JJ relying on Lord Diplock in Hunter and v Chief Constable of the West Midlands Police (1982) AC 529, referred to the Court having “the inherent power…to prevent misuse of its procedure in a way which, although not inconsistent with the literal application of its procedural rules, would nevertheless be manifestly unfair to a party to a litigation before it, or would otherwise bring the administration of justice into disrepute among right-thinking people”.

Finally Published in 2020 the Soft Cover US Trade size 152 x 228 mm, Gloss Cover - 350 gsm, Pages of Biography - Envirocare 80 gsm, Additional Documentation - Envirocare 80 gsm, Colour photos and additional information: Satin 113 gsm edition made Pre-Sales prior to its final publication. 500 copies personally signed. The abuse of process by SAPOL and ICAC, my Human Rights, Duties of care regarding police informants and a string of institutional concerns push out, with seemly liberal Police Minister support, until 2020.

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