The Conclusion Chapter - UGLY HEROS


Chapter 12 clearly marks the end of the biography with Chapter 13 a somewhat unexpected Chapter over this conclusion.

John Kyrimis my legal representation told me in the court foyer mid beginning of 2018 it was highly unlikely Kurt Slaven would take his lies to court. Damian Ferrari stating he knew Kurt Slaven had offended against myself - both men sourced their information from police and police intelligence yet on the 24th of January 2019, just over two weeks out of a Pre Trial Conference SAPOL are still trying to pursue their defamation discredit agenda to cover up the exposure of ICE associated police officers and officers which are sex offenders.

Clearly the relationship with Damian Ferrari an unpredictable twist - an extra Ugly Hero.

Lucky for me to have some Amazing friends and support networks to house myself and

babysit me through the period of Damian’s broken promises and bitterness in myself leaving him. I’ll never understand a Domestic Violence police officer. I don’t understand the sex offenders either by I see drive of sexual gratification. Drive to just hurt somebody, someone you say you love is a Special kind of weird.

Damian asked for intervention on the 25th of January, applying corruptly in his own station.

An action that was to be implemented on the 29th of January. I was handed this order by an older man and the attendance of an Officer I know as Laurie. I rang the station as Tim

Lawson of SAPOL Domestic Violence stated he needed more contact from Damian to act. Knowing my phone is off and it was highly likely he was going to further fail at his job which he could do to others I give Tim Lawson one last opportunity to act before I move forward to ensure he does not maintain a position within Domestic Violence. These incidents should also brand an neglectful Officer with inability to climb the ranks. That’s how you’ll avoid police offending and hefty lawsuits - like mine.

I was distraught, mid pageant photo shoot the shoot was officially over. I broke down crying,

I was shaking and instant anxiety set in while talking to the officer about the order - Damian’s apparent stress from being found out as a Domestic Violence and Sex Offender.

Immediately overwhelmed with emotion, as I had expressed to Alyx - I didn’t want to do this again. Another offender being protected. This evident as resolution to this VICPOL

investigation was clearly focused on discrediting the victim as with my report against Kurt Slaven. I’m not surprised, I told Alyx that all this would happen. The Deputy Commissioner tipping Damian off about a station audit at beginning of 2018 should have been enough for Alyx to act with concern. Instead her investigation will now be flagged as a neglect case and I want to be seriously compensated for the anguish I have endured. SAPOL was made aware of the corruption with the Deputy Commissioner and Damian mid 2018.

Damian was receiving spam emails at his email address and prior to our relationship had his details for a card misused. During the last four years and Only the last 4 years I have

received various outside of ordinary spam messages. After breaking up with Damian I

reported a problem with my emails to the provider which was the most extensive over the period. My devices accessed by the police evidently as letters to the ombudsman and Intergrity Commission, especially during the period of 2017 regarding Jennings and

mentioning Darryl Wright’s breathalyser misconduct were deleted. I have been made aware of emails sent from my email address also which were not of my authoring.

At the STARForce involved Clipsal 500 promotion in 2015 a photo I took was deleted. The

girl watching my password entry to gain the ability to do nothing other than delete the photo I took of her undercover persons. She was a cool chick, I let it slide but I noticed. She was there to look out for me, this was evident early and she did well.

At approximately half past 1 pm on the 28th of January and male and female officer visit my new premises making accusations of noise complaints. This happening in 2015/2016 with the appearance of Darryl Wright - my reply “I’ll turn in down for you” going down as the most obvious I like you response of all time. I might as well have grabbed the bloke, clearly grasping his vocal cord before his response in that moment.

The male described fits the description of Darryl Wright though I can’t be sure as I did not

see them. My friend was bombarded with the accusations and confused as there was no

music playing and hadn’t been for at least a good half hour. The male officer proceeded to state that the complaint was made about loud music at 9:30am - responding at 1:30pm, this is odd also. No music playing when the police arrived, no music playing at the time of the accusation!? The Only reason the police had to visit this day was due to my police complaints, Pure Harassment. Abuse of Power.

On the 29 th day of January 2019 I started the process to sue Damian, my ex partner, a

person I shared love with - also a Domestic Violence Offender for defamation. His

application to courts being a manipulative angle to being investigated for misconduct and Domestic Violence.

I was told by SA police authorities that after Gordon Hamm died the Victorian police illegally entered my home. I know this was true as I had the recording of the police entering my premises when I went to a Doctors appointment in 2014. My source informed me that it was Victorian police conducting the harassment. Knowing a team which included VICPOL Officer Jarred Anderson had entered the property to which Luke Scheidl resided in Victoria,

Portland. The police removing those registration plates from Luke’s car.

At the time in 2014 it was said that this was the source of the prostitution rumour. I know that this rumour was circulating in 2011 prior to the VICPOL investigation and my father being assaulted. Numerous friends had told me of rumours that had circulated for years regarding stripping stemming back to early 2000’s. knowing what I know now I wonder if this was Kurt Slavens rumour after he raped me - is this why SAPOL would not release my Freedom of Information for this period? The gossip has never been of no concern, no one believed it just laughed - until the police stated it was investigated.

Andy Stott, SAPOL Officer was involved with the rumour in 2011 at the BMX track. The

persons who took over his presidency at the BMX the same persons whom came to the

stand I had at Country Championships and made defamatory commentary in front of my


The police using pliable or weak individuals to run there agendas is no surprise, but ruining lives to protect ICE, Rape and Murder!? Numerous times individuals whom have also been the subject of police harassment told me their stories as I wrote the manuscript to this book.

David Kyriacou whom was only stationed in Mount Gambier from 2012 until 2016 name

been being brought up numerous times as a police officer associated with damage to

vehicles and targeted harassment. There needs to be no tolerance conduct policy in policing - instant dismissals, not just to protect the public but to protect the police also. This vendetta run by corrupt officers is costly for both the community in its development, cost associations, damages and clearly reputations.

Damian said that as the police get outed for their targeting and harassment they are

transferred out to preserve their job and the agenda. He told me unless I move that the

commissioner was going to keep transferring individuals down to harass and make false

claims against myself hindering my life and development for reporting them. This had

evidently been going on for years with A lot of evidence against the police and this biography outlines.

This was SO wrong to hear, this behaviour had to be stopped. Everyday I woke up writing

this biography hoping that we can end these practices and this negative grasp on society.

As a Freemason since 2015 bombarded with questions and negative commentary has been occasional. Admittedly I know a few Freemasons in Mount Gambier and the commentary is true regarding them so I have understood opinions. Knowing Kurt Slaven and other CIB detectives were validating gang behaviour in the late 1990, early 2000’s rumours surfacing of Police, Freemasons and HA’s gave a new light to what I had already seen as a teen and within this town. The detectives gang was being associated with Freemasons in commentary I was hearing.

Graham Young is a bully and an Indigenous man, many people in town are circulating like

nazis that Graham Young could never have really been a Hells Angel yet clearly wearing a patch for years, residing in Bordertown and from conclusive sources he was a HA.

After starting to share my manuscript in drafting form I heard from numerous local people in town being threatened by police officers that were in association with Freemasonry. They told me of Freemasons threatening them and engaging in much inhumane behaviour. When I joined the Freemasons my Father stated that I didn’t need to be a Freemason to do good. I agree with him, my father is a Very Smart man with a very high IQ which he does not hide.

Nor should he, he is worldly and when I told him I had had my initiation and I was an Entered Apprentice he accepted this.

My father’s Rock Climbing gym was a rental property owned by a Freemason. A greed man who owned a security business. Working as a Swim Teacher in the same complex and being a member of the gym upstairs - all owned by David Hill, the view of greed and lack in humanity was a blanket feeling. I seen Mr Hill as a grumpy old man as a teen that would stare unnecessarily.

When I joined as a Freemason I was not aware of David’s position and I never endeavoured to seek it. He publicly displays his membership and once I correlated the two - David Hill and Freemasons I understood what my Father was saying.

I joined Freemasonry after reading of Thomas Hobbes, the male version of me from the 17th century. Having been involved in much religion I had not chosen to join anything as I don’t believe one religion is right and I believe religion is a tool which should be creating and stabilising society in humanity not controlling or censoring it. I told my Father I liked it as they were like minded people, that said I am nothing like David and that’s clearly the point my Father was making.

A member for 4 years when writing this book I truly believe I am surrounded by like minded people that do good. I would also advise Anyone wanting to become a mason to heed my Fathers commentary that you Do Not need to be a Freemason to be a good person. You Can just be good as I was.

A group of people doing good can do more good, unless power corrupts that. In 2016 I

called out members of my lodge who were playing mind games from leaked information from police officers Freemason members. This behaviour is not Liberty, Humanity, Charity, Fraternity its Power and corrupt power at that and I told my Grand Master that. I Only want to be a Freemason if they are what I read of Thomas Hobbes founding Co Freemasonry with French Co Freemason, I want nothing to do with power that pollutes men’s humanity, steals their liberties and freedoms and that continues a war that is over. Adversity will Always exist but you create it when you manipulate people not allowing them to be their best to run your own objective. This is exactly what I was seeing.

My first years membership was paid for me, a generous gesture I have validated my own

membership proudly since.

In 2019 February it was announced that SAPOL we’re tasking a force to tackle the ICE

epidemic created within their own ranks. This a Major step towards change and a Positive

one though I was sceptical of the outcomes. I had seen a similar situation where the use of undercover officers and informants tried to break the Methamphetamine threads in Mount Gambier from Adelaide sourcing between at least 2004 and 2007 an operation very similar to this operation stemming from the Gordon Hamm homicide was run. Everyone was compromised except for the associated, unethical cops and this setup happened from the top, from the commissioner.

Every person whom I came into contact with in this period was met with rumours, threats or petty harassment. The statement that ‘everyone has a price’ true for most, if it wasn’t a price it was something to hide. I met very few people who would Not compromise the truth. Much support but little contribution.

A few people told me I would be implicated in the wrong doing. I’ve Never had Anything to do with Anything, just the Wrong Place Right Time for me. Especially here, NOT MY


The facts of the case discrepancies and petty details outlined Tim Stringer was not the only one responsible for the debt Gordon obtained. Two other business men in Mount Gambier we’re also part of profiting out of misery.

Gordon Hamm was no longer able to obtain drugs from Graham Young - his debt was to

high. Tim Stringer, introduced to Graham by David Bradley knew of Gordon’s debt with

Graham. Tim Stringer became Gordon's new supplier obtaining his ICE from Graham.

Graham was aware the ICE was going to persons whom already owed him money. Graham Young let this happen as Tim Stringer, Shaun McDonnell and Harry Peacock are established business men in Mount Gambier - they have money. Graham was guaranteed to make money from these men. It’s not rocket science. When I advised Tim to go to the police when Graham Young was threatening him over the $120k Gordon now owed Tim, Tim expressed he was scared of the Graham. Harry Peacock the employer of Tim Stringer and the man with the smallest monetary contribution to the drug dealing enterprise lived across the road from a STARForce Officer Quinn. At the time I was told that Quinn was aware of the threats made to Tim by Graham via Harry Peacock. Yet Gordon Hamm died with Special Task and RESCUE in the know regarding threats to his life!? This is where SAPOL flounder their responsibilities over Gordon Hamm. This is also where you see the greed for profit over the service of Humanity. When policing is no longer policing - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement.

The gang did not want to be linked to the murder as it puts a never ending legal link on all involved. This is where rumours of other gang involvement took place. Sean Irvine is

associated with numerous persons known in the drug trade. He also supplied Tim Stringer with the product Tim was dealing. This product again had links to Graham Young. Tim Stringer after offenders were charged had negotiated that he could Never be charged with drug dealing, even though he dealt the ICE to Gordon Hamm that had his life devalued and in turn cost him his life also. Aaron Roche - according to my ex Damian (police officer VICPOL) just a lower level detective, leaving the charge of accessory to murder on the cards from what I see. Smart lower level operating from the Humane Detective.

Concluding we must keep in mind the investigation into the Gordon Hamm murder had

Federal approval. Luke Scheidl my ex knowing a Federal Police Officer of New Zealand

decent in the Federal Police service, he stated this man was utilised in the investigation in

2014. By this stage my communication with VICPOL Detective regarding the homicide had ceased so I am unsure of the claims merit. Luke at this time was still in communication with the Mount Gambier CIB. The federal officer he spoke of being a relation through marriage and family to Luke Scheidl, Luke shared mainly general information about this Federal police officer with myself.

A little history in SA politics, keeping in mind during this period of government rebranding

(2014 - 2016) the Labor government has been blame for that which the Liberals also are

guilty of - Neglect. Especially in regards to myself.

Before the political bashing thoughts take over - its the minority misleading the majority and inaction or the ‘do what is easy option’ (avoid conflict even if its resolution) which society conditions us to do - I love a Dishwasher by the way - Making life like that I Fully dig them, cars, shoes, sticky tape. Life made easy.

It’s complacency in authorities, the compromises and procedures that allow political agendas to flourish which has lead to SO many mistakes over the Gordon Hamm homicide, charging Kurt Slaven and life being a No Human Rights nightmare. The ICE industry and use of gang violence to silence witnesses under police authorities knowledge or authorisations for money Must Stop. SAPOL’s new task force a great step, but these are the same men and women whom have nurtured a problem for years, even with a cultural change, New taskforce and New ideas they need a New approach, New Management. I see a patch over like the rebranding of the police commission- the same investigators tasked to investigate police crimes under a new banner. It changed nothing, 2 years into a new government and new integrity department the government still tried to milk the ICE industry linked to Kurt Slaven by not charging him and harassing me. Court records to prove it.

A Liberal government oversees a Labor government investigation and turf war complications occur?! Resembles the Hells Angels associated sh*t slinging in parliament while housing a Gypsy Joker association in the Liberals own bench in 2016. Petty power plays running a political agenda with police and policies at the expense of the community. Time and time again.

Looking at history in politics during my residence in Mount Gambier in 1993 the Liberal

government won a landslide victory in South Australia. My family moving to Mount Gambier early 90’s. STARForce was not absent from SAPOL during this period, established in the 90’s I believe. Liberal serving SA until the win of Labor and a Mike Rann government in 2002. The government to which Jay Weatherill was Disability Minister. The government that rebranded after my movement against neglect and sexual misconduct by staff to clients under IDSC care. The same choice made by Liberal government after an investigation was carried out into my claims against Slaven. Minor disciplinary action and previously offending staff members retaining their job under the new government.

I proud to say I emailed all Jay Weatherill’s political opponents about his conduct prior to his election as our state minister. Nick Xenophon was the only political member interested in Jay Weatherill poor decisions as Disability Minister. Yet as an outspoken Independent Nick never spoke out once regarding this knowledge to the public prior to Jays election, he instead went into Federal politics before thinking he owned South Australia to run for power here. Losing to Liberals.

My point, no matter who the political representative is STARForce in South Australia is

tasked the hard tasks, knowing this and knowing Kurt Slaven is associated with STARForce intel and ICE dealers - counting each new day that passes without his charge since late 2014, being barraging with false claims, charges and defamation. STARForce being evidently revealed twats whom have let people died and be bullied, people they are supposed to protect for profit or an agenda they were happy to overlook for petty benefits. When you have followed gang behaviour for years with no arrests taking liberties over the community, over Human Rights, over Freedoms and over Peace - you are not policing anymore, your terrorising people. It’s not justified, It’s not okay, it’s not Right and it’s in breach of Constitutional and United Nations Human Rights.

The right to resolution and privacy are our liberties, our entitlements in Western Society. A biography defining that and a piece of my soul.

It came to a week from the court date set with malicious charges, it had been a rough and a cruisy last week prior to this. I had to collect extra paperwork from the station. Prosecution informed myself SAPOL had not mocked up further charges and that I had all documents. I requested an extra copy be left for myself to collected. This was promptly produced and left for my collection. I had again requested my FOI from Victoria Police, this time with no exclusions. I now wanted the statement Aaron Roche had drafted to hold in his Melbourne Station against David Bradley. Damian had mentioned the statement and investigation during our relationship. Unknown to Damian was the contact I made with Aaron as I was concerned when he mentioned this. I had been Very Specific to Mr Roche that I would Only be assisting him with this matter and that I Only Trusted him. I even asked if Aaron Roche could be the officer I reported Damian Ferrari as I’m comfortable with him. He’s Real, I like that.

I was directed by Victorian FOI to seek the statement via the Mount Gambier Station,

knowing it would not be there I went through the motions (as I do) before I made a big deal about the runaround. Sandra Stokes whom has not had glowing reviews on her police conduct regarding her interactions with myself prior to this sought the statement, and proved that she like Kyriacou was a part time Ugly Hero. Rather impressed by Sandra’s professionalism with the request, I patiently awaited the statement to review for my signature.

Adding to the political waters which stems from the use of prostitution within parliament

which clearly the police investigate or cooperate with - global issue nothing new to the 20th century. And honestly should be the communities problem, if they weren’t cheating it wouldn’t be. After all prostitution in some shape or form is legal in Australia according to Alyx of VICPOL. Knowing an ex male prostitute from Victoria and Alyx a police officer of 9 years this point frustrates me - A lot. As if you think it’s okay to run junk like this for 20 years ruining communities for a few petty cheats, Paul Griffiths a prime example of a petty cheat and community expense.

In 2017 a Nick Xenophon candidate asked me to put in for Nicks political team, two years

into the game I had seen played on past undercover police, ex army personnel and myself I took interest in what the professional within the construction industry who I interacted with whilst working at Studform had to say. Political aspirations but with no ability to take up the role nor desire at this time, my main goal resolution to my police complaints I indulge the idea of candidacy.

It was at this time that I learned of false accusations/information - defamation within my FOI. I was again accused of behaviour I had Never engaged in - Stripping and Prostitution the accusations. At the time the Integrity Commission was investigating Darryl Wright and Matthew Jennings misconduct in regards to David Bradley. I was also making a big deal of dodgy fire doors being made for the New Hospital in Adelaide. Reliably source I am aware that my FOI even though is yet to be released to me was obtained by the Xenophon Team. This then was viewed by the construction industry employee and shared with Studform. SAPOL at this time aware of their own malicious intentions of defamation to cover up their ICE associations let this FOI be view with defamation and discrediting their agenda.

There has been too many actions to cover up this institutional and whistle blowing vendetta.

The government doing so encourages such a negative culture and society as well. The

paperwork, persons, institutions, recorded interactions, companies, suffering and years of

neglectful malicious investigations can not be covered up from here. Legal advisers have

told me to seek avenues of negligence with Adam Browns investigation. Adam Brown sent by the commissioner Grant Stevens. His charges that were dismissed in court causing much suffering and losses further to myself since late 2017. Deliberately executed serving police officers have commented to myself, Michelle the insecure personality getting a good taste of the truth’s Power, True Power stating Adam Brown was her partner in crime at the Mount Gambier police station where I was interviewed regarding posting the truth on social media.

That pathetic moment where you think the police can’t stoop any lower than to protect a

rapist and they do.

My request for a new FOI from Victoria since leaving Damian was meet with 2 requests for further information by the 5th of February. That lack of the ability to truly surprise me more than set in by now I was not surprised by this. I had provided the database screenshot Paul Griffiths of SAPOL provided me with to FOI, it was utter bulldust that they didn’t have the information. FOI literary could not be given Anymore information than that. It was confirmed,

Jarrod Anderson and the ICE taskforce stationed at the Portland Station during the period of 2013 and 2014 were targeting myself, not just Luke Scheidl. I seek to find out why. Jarrod gave me the impression he was very much against the ICE trade yet Luke Scheidl stated a friend of Jarrod who Jarrod went to school with was a drug dealer of ICE in Portland. I knew a lot of the trade was sourced from Portland and this I was sure of.

Victoria not my home state, requesting my FOI from birth should pull up zip there really. As it did previously. Nothing worth the efforts to withhold it as was evident now.

Damian told me politician Premier of Victoria Daniel Andrews was associated with the

Banditos biker gang and the Victorian Police had conclusive evidence of this including

photographs of this. Somehow those photos were ‘lost’ from VICPOL. An establishment in

Melbourne licensed for stripping Only Victorian police officer intel concluded, the dancers have been caught by the police as escorts yet it seems a political affiliation and informants complications (as with SAPOL) have the least ethical officers elevated whilst all sources gathered in the political investigation into the politician are threatened, discredited or poorly managed. An officer of law speaking against a politician is a whistleblower and deserves the protection of those laws. It seemed evident to me as Damian spoke that in Victoria as I have witnessed with others who have stood against corrupt authorities harming people and communities in SA that they had a serious issue at the top of their ranks. Time always a key factor in the agenda.

The relevance is the across the border dealings and linkages ALOT of which were revealed after the tragedy of Gordon Hamm. Ugly Heros such as Paul Griffiths know the ins and outs of these linkages and how to manipulate them. Portland residents will tell you (as with intelligence in SA and reliable sources) the trafficking here for majority of

ICE/Methamphetamine is brought in by the Ports of Portland. By boat, much evidence of

links to Naval employees, police with history within defence employment (which ALOT of

officers are, Kurt Slaven and Paul Griffiths) and clearly the underworld controlled by police, politicians and people in money couldn’t be more evident. The drug and or ingredients, with a lot of links to our current Afghanistan war is then distributed across Australia. This knowledge I have obtained for Defence Force Personnel and witnessed personally. Beachport, where Graham Young resided for a length of time getting Kiwi members of the Banditos to traffic the drug for him. The controversial thing here is the HA’s and Banditos worldwide aren’t operating on the same terms. Yet in Australia Graham Young lost in the power and the game as with Paul Griffiths played out an agenda run by police to fill a vendetta. In turn Gordon Hamm died and a lot of turmoil followed. Yet those involved with Graham Young were disbursed through witness protection and to Portland as the blackmail that has him in jail and these political ties are still being manipulated by police whilst Graham is kept as a pet in the Mount Gambier jail instead of being sent to Yatla. To the uneducated gangs running the show seems plausible - gang wars, to a lower level police officer it even looks to be something to investigate but it’s not. This here, the life of a gangster is a constant ladder to No Where unless you’re at the top and your life is completely owned and manipulated by the people in power at the time, police and politics. Here comes that broken record moment - police be police, gangsters be gangsters and the system Will Work.

The 6th of February revealed further desperation from the Mount Gambier Police Station.

Without license for 14 months now from Andrew Locks assault and targeting traffic offence.

The fines from Darryl Wright and Andrew Lock in limbo within systems that not only interlink but should rule out this corruption. For the second time they were trying to charge me twice with the same charge under another officers name. Seemingly at the direction of the officer who assaulted me to the point where my arm was nearly broken. Sandra Stokes the part time Ugly Hero and slow learner forwarding charges with evidence that holds dates prior to 2 interviews conducted recently in regards to the matters of bail. The Mount Gambier station is stating they are applying further charges which conflict with breaches already laid. It’s Crazy Desperate at this point. The actions of Mount Gambier Prosecution department to pursue these charges let alone with an officer whom has been reported to the Integrity board for misconduct - against myself is neglectful and malicious. The accusations misleading the judge and courts before Slaven, Griffiths and Jennings can be charged for their misconduct.

Full obstruction of my rights to resolution and the definition of the abuse of the law with a

paper trail of evidence of the Mount Gambier Stations and SAPOL misconduct. I can not

believe this is happening, words don’t cut it. How do these people sleep at night.

It’s come to the 11th of February 2019, a year after on the 12th of February 2018 Kurt

Slaven entered a plea of not guilty through a statement made to Officer Adam Brown. This, though SAPOL had a plea from Kurt Slaven did not proceed to court. SAPOL neglecting the case - clearly at the direction of the commissioner Grant Stevens who sent Adam Brown to myself. If Katie Dalton had proceeded with charging Kurt Slaven and he was tried in court from the 12th of February 2018 none of the charges present in court today would exist. They are illegal charges against myself. Institutional misconduct with Neglect, Malicious Prosecution and abuse of process regarding just Officer Adam Browns charges alone. Keep in mind the Police Minister both Liberal and the outgoing Labor since 2014 have been involved in investigating Kurt Slaven and Paul Griffiths misconduct. Matthew Jennings only under Liberal. The Police Minister being aware of how our current commissioner is operating and with the office stating they have no power over the commissioner shows the political corruption between police and politics. These days I laugh as soon as I get a sniff of a corrupt male officer checking if he’s married and ask him if he’s cheated and that is that why he’s picking on me. Seriously revolving a lot around the prostitution industry which while investigating it and from many others involved in the industry it is what keeps this corruption happening, blackmailed cheating married men mainly. Raping those within the industry is simply a Pig, prostitutes apparently liking their job. Honestly talking to a male prostitute that liked sex, there was very little appeal I pulled from the industry in black and white. Unglorified the interactions that are had that they were tasked like it or not outweighed any

enjoyment you could Really have. If they were honest, like any of us they would say they like the money from the job and do the job for that money and lifestyle. Humans are emotional beings, sex is a great distraction from that and a great engagement if your emotionally blocked or drained. It’s a necessity to breed/survive, though the use of sex to control is an old and easy grasp on society.

I rang the Mount Gambier Police Station twice over this weekend prior to the 11 th of

February. The constant rumour that the police of Mount Gambier are upset with me because I had a relationship with an officer at the Mount Gambier station is a continuation of the accusations thrown at me in 2017 by the Go To Court lawyer hired to write to the Police Ombudsman and Integrity Commission Letter. Aaron Roche was misinformed regarding Slaven - the Special Investigation Unit tasked to investigate corrupt officers the first to compromise the investigation into Slaven, everything snowballing from there to this. Those Human rights to resolution non existent, with extensive evidence regarding the real offenders - a plea to charge Kurt Slaven with sexual assault and evidence of Paul Griffiths and Matthew Jennings behaviour, it’s a constant battle for someone with a brain to comprehend all this wrong doing. I might as well be in a 3 world country with no links to the United Nations or any Human Rights or Law at all. For such a privileged country the abuse of law, human rights and women’s rights like this is beyond appalling, globally they don’t just have the laugh at our Prime Ministerial issues. A Liberal government responsible for these breaches of Human Rights as the Labor government was responsible for ignoring the Human Rights of the Disabled and instead of resolution to abuse and neglect I was shuffled around and outed creating my brand Barbwire Noose,Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness.

Constant exposure to lack of Humanity is fully taking its toll at this stage. Everyday is

mentally SO draining I cannot describe the emptiness I feel. The suppressed emotions,

inability to feel, distrust, numbness in near every moment and the anxiety of reliving the

trauma over and over again is something I now live with everyday. Small moments of joy

captured by social media as I breathe natural antidepressants to subdue the pain of being alive. I don’t want to go on, it’s an agonising struggle to find the strength to fight a battle that you didn’t need to win. I was happy with the truth about Slaven buried - No one looked at me like a victim. I don’t need pity, I need someone not blackmailed with balls to do their job.

After 4 years it’s evident no Policeman is going to do it. It’s ALL up to the courts, and me

telling the truth. I don’t remember the last time I seen my Dad, being accused of being a

prostitute probably, my Mum a Business Manager who sees the police daily and has her

head clogged with all sorts of commentary. I do sometimes wonder why I’m doing this as I’ve lost everything and None of it is Right. In those moments I think I’m doing this for you, for every victim of police misconduct, for every victim of Slaven and Griffiths, for every person targeted by procedures that only exist to drive and control corrupt agendas, because our Human Rights matter and the moment they don’t All is lost. My plea not guilt for the Pre Trial, I’ll also be pleading not guilty to the breach of bail with a counter claim of malicious

Prosecution, Neglect and breach of Human Rights to resolution regarding my complaints

and criminal statements against police plus the withholding of my FOI.

Not Guilty pleas entered and a new date is set. Sandra Stokes and I needing to toilet at the same time prior to court, both of us display that we both are of Good Character in that

moment. The DPP apparently still desperately trying to make up another charge, this has

gone on for like 9 months now. Mount Gambier Prosecution expressing that they were

correctly performing their duties to finalise the charges and the delay was the Adelaide DPP.

The results wasting more court time with another Pre Trial conference in April 2019 for

charges that shouldn’t exist. This concretes 5 years of fighting to get a rapist police officer

charged, Slaven (a police officer with an extensive history of infidelity and engagements with young Mount Gambier girls) and an ICE dealing gang associated officer dismissed, Griffiths being taken to retirement as my Nanna on my Father's side of the family - the STARForce police side of the family stipulated. The date concretes the dragged out further commentary currently circulating when talking about this disgraceful operation. This comments also shared from persons in association with Graham Young. That nothing surprises me, I am slightly surprised this day - the fact that Darryl Wright is located in Mount Gambier, knows all this and it continues does surprise me. It surprises me he doesn’t speak up or out, it surprises me his name is part of the harassment now and it surprises me he was involved in investigating the car damage to Luke’s car committed and finalised in Victoria yet never charged David Bradley with property damage to the Kurrajong Street residence where David committed an offence (not self defence), didn’t breathalyser David Bradley who was drunk and at the time debt collecting for Graham Young. Yet David Kyriacou was transferred out in 2016 after making Paul Griffiths remove an illegal defect and expressing to me Paul is keeping his job was above his pay packet. Darryl Wright is apparently married and fits the could be getting blackmailed by Graham Young because he’s committed infinitely or engaged with prostitution - which I know for a fact he has some type of involvement in. Is this why he is holding the illegal fine with Lock against my name? It’s hard to think the worst of

people when you try and see the best in everyone. Unfortunately I can not let my emotions cloud my judgement hence report both men for their misconduct. Kyriacou wasn’t married, so the apparent blackmail to loose his wife is not his motivation to engage in corrupt behaviour regarding this big picture. Both men know Slaven, both men have been present during the past 5 years of investigating, both men have shown Integrity and Stupidity. Both men will be required in court when the trail goes ahead.

Darryl Wright is responsible for my intervention order application, I’m at this stage trusting him to do the Right thing. I’m trusting he’s not corrupt, just caught up.

It’s 2 days from Valentines Day and I’ve seen So much I don’t understand now I don’t

believe in love. My parents being the Poster couple of Love no matter how hard and no

matter what - still together 35 years married this year, and I don’t believe in love because ofall these Ugly Heros. I should never have seen this world, these things. I never wanted to be a police person, I just want to be me. I don’t understand all this Ugly and I don’t want to, but it’s there. And it’s too late to turn back, the police can’t undo what they have subjected me to and I cannot unsee or Unfeel what I have been out through. My world is now a Peaches and Cream Natural Confectionery Lolly with a dot on it.

I have application suing my ex for defamation regarding the facts of our relationship and I

start to think I’m going to do the same to Family members. My Mum is a Strong lady bearing the love of an overbearing man. Both parents have shown full disregard for my welfare, I can’t keep forgiving them for doing the wrong thing when they Can choose to do the right thing. To have life intervention against those who brought me life makes the moment evermore dreary. Damian told me that not only have SAPOL with the authority of my family used me in investigating but that they have been blaming me for years for their wrong doings and were trying to do that again. This makes sense to me in the context of my FOI was being withheld for 2 years.

Put into political context regarding my FOI, Victoria is a Labor government with Daniel

Andrews and VICPOL released my FOI clear in 2018. After my relationship with Damian

Ferrari - a man whom had habits which reflect Comanchero behaviour, a gang who was

busted in Victoria after Gordon Hamm died yet Damian is also good friends with a Banditos lawyer, the Banditos linked to Daniel Andrews according to Damian and VICPOL have now botched my FOI to not be released as with SAPOL. An obstruction from Victoria Police, not from parliament. Cleared last year VICPOL does not have politic to blame for this misconduct just a few people involved in the process of entering false information to protect a police officer regarding a report against his serious misconduct as a VICPOL police officer.

Victorian authorities I see have the same corrupt procedures as recently outlined within

SAPOL. Protecting Kurt Slaven with gang ties and legal informants - with information about politicians with false FOI claims against persons speaking out about their misconduct.

Victoria Police are now in breach of Federal Law after I requested FOI regarding a defect

applied from the Portland Police Station during the Gordon Hamm investigation with a

SAPOL database screenshot, there was not one detail missing from the information provided yet FOI deemed it an insufficient information. Clearly to keep defamatory claims in the system to defend Damian Ferrari’s misconduct. The exact same application as South Australian Police yet in SA also the government, a now Liberal government has continued from Labor to do to protect the rapist Slaven. The police undermining the government with manipulation and blackmail to protect police misconduct and corruption.

The bottom line, exactly that. The police have controlled the use and application of criminal behaviour and controlled it under any government of South Australia. This is conclusive. This corruption within the police force with the support of unethical politicians has manifested investigations, false accusations and engaged in running criminal associations, drug dealing and prostitution since at least the early 2000’s significantly in South Australia.

My FOI application being withheld and my family spreading rumours that they knew were untrue and never caring to ask me supports Damian’s claim that they are at the least aware or are involved in this and call it investigating at the least. More importantly that there is evidence of this in my withheld FOI. My FOI which SAPOL has shared with lawyers, political applications and the media but not me. In breach of Federal Law - Human Rights Law, Neglect, Defamatory and all this Deliberate - that’s millions of dollars of damages.

With the new Superintendent Phil Hoff taking his place as head in charge of the Mount

Gambier Station I continued to seek resolution to outstanding fines under the names of

Andrew Lock and Darryl Wright. As directed by an Adelaide government authority. Darren in the Prosecution unit Mount Gambier at 8:30am on the 14th of February obstructing

resolution to my license matter by not allowing the new Head in Charge to be aware of his employees misconduct and the need for resolution. Sandra Stokes having being emailed twice prior to contact the station to follow up the removal of these fines also obstructing justice. Darren and Sandra both from the Prosecution unit in Mount Gambier. Darren stated on this day that it was not the new Superintendent Phil Hoff’s role to resolve the matter of outstanding illegal fines held in his station by his staff illegal. I assure you Darren it is. These fines were allowed to be executed and held under the watch of the retired in disgrace Superintendent Grant Moyle.

I am communicating with 3 departments for resolution on the 15th of February, Phil Hoff

failing to act after the matter was brought to his attention. Another Moyle?! Definitely a

repeat of history - that infamous defect notice that was applied after I assisted in the

homicide. Government departments abusing processes to hinder government

whistleblowers. Dodgy police protecting dodgy police as is happens. I express my frustration and disgust that I am required to be an unwilling volunteer investigation guinea pig Again and that I’m not happy about it. Having experience doesn’t mean I am up for the task, yet I follow the same motions as before and do as I’m instructed to hopefully gain resolution. Not this day. At this stage the appearance of persons trying to be helpful is evident except the Mount Gambier Police Station. I spent almost an hour at the Mount Gambier court house on this day. The lady assisting me in court Outstanding and understanding of my frustration.

The other lady sitting at the desk showed the same ignorance she has for the past 2 years smiling and smirking at my expressions of police harassment since reporting police

misconduct. It was discovered that within the Fines and Enforcement system there were

numerous pending fines that had not been withdrawn but had been rectified through court - the court is responsible for this part of the process apparently. The courts held 4 fines, 2 of relevance to my license in this dispute - the Mount Gambier police responsible for this part of the process apparently.

Happily I discovered Mr Wright wasn’t my problem anymore with his fine being appropriately removed from hindering my license reinstatement. Andrew Locks fine had been reviewed previously after writing to the commissioner - SAPOL now responsible for this process, the commissioner. I was confident that the advice given to apply to review was also an obstruction of resolution. I had previously applied for review being of 2018. This was purely the commissioner abusing his position as I was outing police misconduct, police misconduct that stems to the Top of SAPOL and our Special Task for team which works with the Australian Federal Police - STARForce.

It is on court record by Andrew Locks admission that he did not allow the second chance

mobile driver test, in other words that he did not legally execute his duty. He opted instead to assault myself after his targeted incident and illegally obtain my blood, blood that as defence I have not been given or given access to. It is not conclusively proven that I had THC in my system at that time at all. I asked my legal representation John Kyrimis during this time as my defence to obtain my blood. From the Extremely excessive amount of blood obtained - which was expressed at the doctors clinic, I have been provided no blood. Not a drop, apparently it has disappeared or at the least no one wants to tell me where it is - like withholding my FOI, Illegal and a breach of my Human Rights to resolution again.

Tim Curtis, Chief Inspector, Officer in Charge internal investigation section has his name on much of the communication I receive from SAPOL regarding my police complaints.

Dismissing most and even stating some don’t require investigation. Everyone I have spoken to since 2014 when I reported Paul Griffiths misconduct and Kurt Slaven for rape have told me that they have been targeted through business or on the road by the police as soon as they reported misconduct, accompanied by that Malicious rumouring. With the change of Government the illusion was given that the Liberal government was acting more responsibly than Labor had regarding policing in South Australia with the Police Ombudsman releasing a damaging report on SAPOL during this period. This report was meet with extreme backlash from the police association - the boys club currently protecting ICE dealing cops and rapists.

I couldn’t believe that the governing body was allowing the police association to trash the report so badly when they clearly had evidence to back it up. Release the misconduct if they want to deny it, the public pays for it, the public pays police wages and the public have made these reports. Both the New Integrity commission and the old Police Ombudsman branch have the same personnel investigating police complaints and surprise surprise there is No Change to the state of policing in South Australia. Facebook holds a page dedicated to South Australian police misconduct and reports of South Australian police going over the top with the most recent post at this time a home invasion without warrant. Damaged property everywhere which should Never have occurred with taxpayers money fitting the bill for these mistakes with no dismissals through SAPOL, it’s an Absolute Disgrace.

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