Signature Puss - Empowering Women

The drawn out release of The 'Signature Puss®' Collection has me quite excited to bring the platform forward at this time, finalising my pageantry career (as outlined in my biography Ugly Heros - The Price Of Unlawful Enforcement) with my Ms World Pageants title Ms Southern Hemisphere 2019.

'Signature Puss®' is a collection designed with my own personal style in mind and by demand. The collection making the wear feel empowered by the Brand Barbwire Noose®, achievements with my A Better World visions and Human Rights Defending, to be fearless in life, justice, freedom and peace.

Empowering women touches me on a personal level with the statistics of Sexual Assaults around the world currently (2019), the "Me Too" movement brings much light to the issue.

This collection, my story and these threads address the view that it is the offender that is Ugly not the Victim.

Embracing Strength, Beauty and Wisdom 'Signature Puss' releases Limited Edition threads at random.

LIMITED EDITION THREADS ONLY - Signature Puss® Barbwire Noose®

Author, Model, Founder and Designer, Human Rights Defender - Marcia Anita HOBBS xo

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