Reporting Darryl Peter Wright

EXTRACT CONCLUSION - The Road To Resolution

'I reported Darryl Peter Wright on the Wednesday 11th of December for stealing my ornamental owl, a short lived report number: SAP1900290199. Julie at the service counter trying to encourage myself to report the landlord that Darryl Peter Wright prompted to take

the action a short time after the report was taken over the phone. I refused to have the landlord blamed for what he clearly stated he was taking to the police station, implying to Darryl Peter Wright. No sign of my property, Julie tried to encourage a false lost property report also. Evidently Darryl Peter Wright was involved in protecting officers involved with the illegal prostitution industry of South Australia - protecting criminal offenders. Not breathalyzing David Bradley who was involved with the prostitution industry in 2017 when Darryl protected him now a proven choice made to protect his interests in the illegal sex industry of South Australia. Involvement which had a man I trusted, ex army, loved and claimed to be looking out for me, protecting rapists and Domestic Violence offenders instead of the victims. This day I was also informed of Darryl Peter Wright conducting numerous visits to a local around the year 2018 for the Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) as a investigator. A publicised local man, Mount Gambier resident of a child who had been subject to an investigation and whistleblowing of child sex crimes in 2002. This case published by local news media. Damian, my ex had told me Darryl Peter Wright started with SAPOL in 2002, was this conclusion of Darryl’s inclusion to an agenda which had police run prostitution and targeted what they claimed as blackmail when reports were made, involved with

Domestic Violence attacks and pedophile misconduct also. Kurt Slaven fitting the pedophile category with his offence against myself at the age of 16 years, illegal sexual engagement in

South Australia. This Devastating and criminal behaviour aided by the police force to obtain

silence or worse for offenders. These allegations mishandled in 2002 involved the Saint

Martin's Lutheran School and span to what was claimed by the local to have police and local

council of 2002 involved in the lack of justice in the outcome. The Mount Gambier police

station under directive of Terry Harbour Superintendent 2002 until 2005, the period I was

used as rape bait regarding the gypsy jokers threat to rape me, being drugged and raped in

incidents during his service as Superintendent. Following Terry was Mark Fairney

Superintendent, to which SAPOL also allowed my persons to be drugged and raped. I was

informed these Superintendents have targeted numerous persons within the community, the

Superintendent prior to Terry also - a Hells Angels aligned target agenda.

The new Integrity Commission established in this period after the tragic loss of Gordon

Hamm was established under the Liberal government. Inquiry agencies, public authorities

and public officers (including public sector employees or contractors) have an obligation to

report matters that they reasonably suspect involve corruption or serious misconduct or

maladministration in public administration to the Office of Public Integrity (OPI). Obligations I

am held to and have successfully executed in all areas of public sector interactions. A

complaint or report should be made to the OPI if you think a South Australian public officer

has broken the law, or acted in a way that is seriously inappropriate or negligent. The

Independent Commissioner Against Corruption (ICAC) established by the Labor

Government of South Australia in 2013 encourages the public should make a complaint or

report to the OPI if you think a South Australian public officer has broken the law, or acted in

a way that is seriously inappropriate or negligent. Bruce Lander QC was appointed to the

role and resigned all his judicial appointments to take up his current appointment on 2

September 2013. On 11 August 2016 the Commissioner was appointed the state’s first

Judicial Conduct Commissioner. The Commissioner Bruce Lander was to carry out the role

of Judicial Conduct Commissioner concurrently with his role as the Independent

Commissioner Against Corruption. Quoting from ABC report: South Australia's ICAC

Commissioner says fractured relationship with Police Ombudsman 'improving' in November

2015, Mr Lander states "I think the acting Police Ombudsman is doing a splendid job," Mr

Lander told the hearing.

"He has made a significant difference to that office since he was appointed. The efficiency of

the office has improved markedly. The relationship between his offices and my offices has

improved markedly."

Mr Lander said that despite the improvement, the police role still needed to be abolished.

"I think he is doing a good job with a bad scheme. He has to operate under a legislative

scheme that is difficult, cumbersome, time-consuming and costly," he said.

"I think the scheme needs to be changed and that means abolishing his office — but he

supports that, as you would have seen in his last report."

The fact that Bruce Lander supported the abolishment of the Police Ombudsman in 2015

prior to a damning and Brutally accurate report in 2016 that was not implemented and also

rejected by SAPOL is flawed. SAPOL, the corrupt party being assessed - it can not be

stressed enough, as a government entity should NOT be able to reject Independent report.

Under Mr Landers Integrity belt, much publicised Police misconduct has gone undisciplined,

the Kurt Slaven Charge has been a severe abuse of process, Paul Griffiths was excused of

misconduct and my Human Rights to Resolution has surpassed 5 years.

The Police Ombudsman report of 2016 was clearly set to be rejected with the 2015 call of

obsolete, allowing SAPOL further years of unaccounted misconduct towards the public.

Many solicitors who represented and consulted myself in this period making statements to

process failings with the judicial system failing at the DPP level.

Institutional and insidious throughout all justice sectors of South Australia. Judge Anderson’s

words ringing firm, a Very Smart Lady - ‘ Institutional’ . A link clearly defined with Bruce

Lander barrister/judge background and his position as Commissioner, Public Integrity

Officer. The Public Integrity Office and disgraceful commissioner Grant Stevens made

famous for allowing the much publicised Police officer Waylon Johncock to go undisciplined

after much public outcry over Wombat Killing SAPOL Officer - ethics that outraged the

Nation in 2019.

My Uncle Greg was Right, when he joined the force there was a Strong presence of Nazi

idealism and criminal association policing which now had span to infect the judicial system

and policing system of South Australia.

A desperate grab from labor after being voted out of SA office to try and influence the public

with the false ICAC claims created from 2017 - 2019 government investigating shows. The

liberal government clearly aware refused discussions on the matter prior to the new year

2020. A Royal Commission into SAPOL the Only Resolution for the state of South Australia

and myself. Faced with its only two serving governments running cover up campaigns at the

expense of the community with over 50 years of police corruption under both governments

responsibility, for many it comes too late - stressing Anyone can make a disclosure of

environmental and health information.

Kurt Slaven was FINALLY Charged...’

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