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An autobiography of personal accounts regarding police corruption stemming from murder, bikies and what is concluded as 2 accounts of Sexual Assault (attempt and rape) against a minor. Isn't what I expected my first publication would be.

UGLY HEROS - The Price of Unlawful Enforcement, Manuscript.

Gripping accounts of a Regional Underworld. Life in the Shadows of the Elite STARForce team of South Australia Police. Autobiography of Marcia Anita Hobbs, Human Rights Activist, AUSTRALIA.

‘Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness®️’


‘A World Untold’

"Human Rights are the basis of Civil society, when these are lost so is a Humane Humanity." - Princess Marcia Anita Hobbs (India - Eastern Star/Australia - Hobbes), Freemason - Le Droit Humain, Initiated 2015 in Lodge 406 Adelaide, South Australia, AUSTRALIA.

NOTE: There are NO secrets in this book, just facts everyone knows and nobody states So Boldly.

It starts at Margaret Street in Mount Gambier, South Australia - after the SAPOL officer, a Mount Gambier CIB detective investigating the theft of my structurally written off VH Holden Commodore, sexually assaulted myself at a pines location 2001. The South Australia Police - commonly known as SAPOL, is the police force of the Australian state of South Australia. It is an agency of the Government of South Australia within the South Australian Department of Justice.

The police predatorial monster assigned to investigate my white 5 speed manual VH Holden Commodore. The Commodore stolen after an accident near my employment premises. A 16 year old Aquatics Teacher, government employed with police clearance taken advantage of under duress by SAPOL Police Officer and Detective of Mount Gambier Police Station CIB Kurt Slaven. A predator that clearly had no Real intentions of investigating the theft case of my vehicle involved in an accident the day prior to the sex crime offence. My wrecked vehicle stolen overnight from my employments private car parking was the event which enabled Kurt Slaven to commit the sex crime. The theft of the vehicle lnked to persons known to Kurt Slaven, authoring this Autobiography it is evident that Kurt Slaven targetted myself to commit this offence. Kurt Slaven committing his hideous sexual crime and orchestrating a cover up within a compromised police force leading to further sexual offending against myself for years following the police officers sex crime. A police force who used my persons as quote “rape bait” for years after Kurt Slaven’s criminal offence.

When Kurt Slaven sexually assaulted myself I was Not yet 17 years of age, making the crime an offence against a minor appropriately under South Austalian law. The exact date of the offence in a distorted cover up reflected in various organisation records and major life event accounts. The offence commited between the 15th of February 2001 and the 24th of April 2001.

The events that followed Kurt Slaven’s sexual attack on myself terrorised my life. My pets were murdered in association to the crime to maintain Kurt Slaven’s threat to me to be silent. Quoting offender Kurt Slaven at the scene of the crime, after the offence saying to me “Don’t tell anyone” - about the rape. Targeted also by gang associates immediately after Kurt Slaven offended against myself. And then, in years follow, SAPOL using myself as real life “rape bait” in a string of unconscious and conscious sex crimes directly associated with SAPOL, gangs and the pedophile offence commited in 2001 by Kurt Slaven. Kurt Slaven, a police officer whom spent his career aligning himself with select criminals (bikers the Gypsy Joker, Commancheros/Bandidos and Hells Angels) to try and dominate the sex industry of South Australia after raping a minor and desparately hiding his hidious crime.

The events described throughout this autobiography span over a 20 - 30 year period. 20 years of the lesser known side of my very private life - sexual crimes and innuendo aired out for all to read was the ONLY way I could gain resolution regarding the POLICE vs Kurt Slaven statement as well as being used and abused by SAPOL and the Australian Police Force without bounderies.

It was Military warfare being imposed on a civilian - a little girl. A war style, Nazi type pyschological attack on my persons. The most extreme form of Gaslighting the mind can endure. The relentless and endless home invasions starting with my 2 rabbits being murdered in the first rental property I resided, this event occurring not long after Kurt Slaven’s sexual offence. The death of my pets following a failed sexual assault attempt by 4 boys on my persons. Boys Not known to myself at this time, yet known to the Mount Gambier CIB - known to Kurt Slaven. The boys said to be part of a youth gang called COA (COA = Constantly On Attack) associated with the Gypsy Jokers, a Nazi alligned biker gang. The COA youth gang was created by SAPOL with family members - relatives and friends directly linked to the force associating and recruiting young impressionable boys. Predominantly recruited from Grant High School and Mount Gambier High School. This group of boys latching onto like minded impressionable young perons, 20 years after the COA was developed spread across the Nation and throughout a majority of the sex industry alligned gangs in Australia. Bikers in Australia gaining further power and control within Australia's political climate and compromised police force by colluding against the association laws since 2012. A short 4 years after ‘the world’s toughest anti-bikie laws’ were introduced, these breach of Human Rights laws proved furthermore unlawful when applied. Police Bruitality and gang like violence, including sex crimes against minors; driven, engaged and encouraged by the Australian Police Force the sole reason behind the biker’s in Australia aligning.

In May 2008, South Australia passed what Premier Mike Rann proclaimed as 'the world's toughest anti-bikie laws' (Rann 2008), with the introduction of the Serious and Organised Crime (Control) Act 2008, which came into effect on 4 September 2008. The Premier cited the following as highlights of the Act:

gang members who engage in acts of violence that threaten and intimidate the public will be guilty of serious offences and will find it harder to get bail;

police will be able to prohibit members of a bikie gang from attending a place, event or area where this would pose a serious threat to the public;

the old law of consorting will be replaced with a new law of criminal association that prohibits telephone calls as well as meetings in the flesh;

stalking a person with the intention of intimidating a victim, witness, court official, police officer or public servant will become a serious offence;

it will be easier for police to secure orders to dismantle fortifications protecting gang clubrooms; and

in addition, the legislation created new offences of violent disorder (maximum penalty of 2 years jail); riot (7 years, 10 years where aggravated); affray (3 years, 5 years where aggravated) and stalking of public officials by OMCG members (7 years; Rann 2008).

2001, amongst peers my age, was the height of the Commanchero joining COA youth gang in Mount Gambier. Boys who would terrorise young women in a gang aligned with the police force for decades. The year 2001 was my first year away from the farm, the year I moved out of home officially. A quiet farm property 38 kms from the city of Mount Gambier was home. The COA boys, consisting of many football players outside the school yard recruits, were allowed to sexually terrorise Mount Gambier and girls of around my age demographic for these decades without address or arrests. Spreading the Sexually Transmitted Disease, Human Papallioma Virus (HPV) like the Plauge Larry Krammer so powerfully labelled human immunodeficiency viruses (HIV) in his time fighting the injustices of STD’s. Over 80% of populations said to be infected (short term and long term infections) by the 2000’s with a disease that can eventuate to AIDS, HIV is very much a plague on society. This fact also making the Human Papallioma virus impossible to eradicate through immunisation using Gardasil alone. Australia was one of the first countries to roll out a national cervical cancer immunisation campaign using Gardasil, tested and trailed for 10 years prior to becoming available in Australia in the United States of America. Myself one of the first people in Australia to receive the immunisation which was a course of 3 immunisation injections over a 9 month period initiated for myself in 2005.

The South Australia Police highly contributed to the cover up of the STD’s plaguing Australia within the region of the Limestone Coast. The police force of Mount Gambier excused the spread, to run gangs and recruit young persons into gang violence and illegal industries. Many officer's infected with HIV themselves, the seedy secrets of SAPOL spanning for decades. Secrets leading to staged Domestic Violence, Sexual Assaults and Murder to cover up the police associations with the Gypsy Jokers and other bikers clubs. The threat of giving someone STD’s was a regular occurance; the worst offending imaginable overlooked as an insurmountable issue. Conflate and Confuse was the approach to the many elephants in the room, especially when pedophile crimes, the COA (Gypsy Jokers/Commacheros), prostitutes or STD’s came up. The cast aside insurmountable STD threat exposed as an AIDS threat by the local Mount Gambier Newspaper The Border Watch in 2016, yet the Police Ombudsman report of 2016 still missed the mark to call out the institutional concerns to the point of accountability with a Royal Commission.

I was lucky, the boys of this STD carrying COA gang were unsuccessful in their attempt to sexually exploit myself when attacked in 2001. Blessed with Luck, to which many other girls in Mount Gambier terrorised by these teen and early twenties boys did not have the privilege to indulge. The boys and this activity span for 20 years - only because of the direct connection they had to SAPOL Police Detective Kurt Slaven and Detective Modra. Detective Modra, a relative of AFL Adelaide Crows star player Tony Modra, and the COA gang members who carried the Modra name would offer signed guernsey’s as bribes to silence persons reporting them for their criminal conduct before engaging in intimidation and gang violence. Kurt Slaven and Detective Modra among the main Detectives used to confuse investigations. Many police stationed in the Mount Gambier police station who worked with these detectives take bribes from 4 gangs and creating illegal and detrimental alliances. By 1999 the Gypsy Jokers, the Hells Angels and the up and coming Comancheros/Bandidos motorcycle clubs were all involved with SAPOL - illegally involved. The bribes so high the cops allowed a group of pedophile tendencies, rapist boys to dominate Australia for a period of time when they were in their late 30’s after I assisted in the Federally overseen Homicide of Gordon Hamm in 2013/2014. If it wasn't bad enough that by 2014, 4 gangs that should not have been sharing the same underwear were, it was worse as the police force had illegal deals with all of them. With me, a little girl used and abused for decades stuck in the middle of the most insidious police corruption created 20 years prior to this autobiography and spanning Nationally. Corruption and crimes committed by police exposed in a Homicide I was the key witness for - voluntarily, literally my ONLY regret is helping the Australian police force with the tragic murder of Gordon Hamm. Raped 4 times by 5 people in 5 years following assisting the police, under police investigations with Federal Police Investigation oversight. My life and a ruthless determination to be heard unfolding the Underbelly of Mount Gambier.

I believe EVERY Life Matters. Your reading True accounts from a police family member on the consequences of corruption within the police force.

NEVER being part of a gang, I was NOT associated with Any gangs or gang behavior, yet through the police force I was exploited for years through the law of association. Learning on the 'Road To Resolution' (Conclusion Part 2 UGLY HEROS) the Australian police force had been watching myself, a rape victim of a police officer as a 16 year old teenage - a minor. I endure years of gangs and police gang associated sexual crimes being used as quote

“rape bait” by the Australian Police Force on record. Sex crimes commited under police investigations and with the government's knowledge.

The tragic homicide of Gordon Hamm - ambushed at 4am on July 17, 2013. A homicide that most would argue the CIB of Mount Gambier was aware could happen. An investigation that played out in front of myself as another life disregarding and disrespected by SAPOL and the Australian police force. I was the key witness in this case, not that you would have know it as I was not required in court. Police convicting the felons on falsified investigation evidence to hide the police force assocation with the crime. I was cast aside as a witness, the only honest witness the police force had that was not part of the gang that took Gordon Hamm life. My life was left at the whim of over 100 boys whom had been involved in gang rapes and illicit drug dealing since they were teenagers. My life building my brand under attack, my persons had been threatened prior to assisting the police regarding Gordon Hamms death. I was threatened to silence by felons involved with the homicide. Tim Stringer, an known to police ICE dealer, axe was placed outside of the view of my home survailence. I knew who the axe belonged to and contacted Tim Stringer via my mobile phone number, then 0427 972 325, about the axe placed on my property. The man directly responsible for ordering the murder of Gordon Hamm, a debt collection order with an expiry date that lead to Gordon Hamm's death. Tim Stringer said his friend put the axe there. I reported this offence via my mobile phone to the Mount Gambier Police Station. No action was taken. I later spoke to Aaron Roche of VICPOL, a humane Victorian Detective who though very smart had a lot to learn about the Mount Gambier Underworld. 3 men were jailed for the death of Gordon Hamm. 3 offenders that would never have been jailed if I did not asist the police. In 2017, I again had to reach out to Aaron regarding the Mount Gambier Police Stations life threatening misconduct.

While assisting Aaron Roche of VICPOL in 2014 I reported Kurt Slaven for his sex crimes offending committed in 2001 at the direction of the Police Ombudsman. After assisting with the homicide case, the institutional corruption that had crippled Mount Gambier with ICE addictions and home invasions was irrefutably evident. Myself speaking out about the police criminal offending a detrimental necessity, not just to reach for stolen justice and my Human Rights, but to seek resolution in a race to bury the truth. Deep seeded corruption within SAPOL and the Australian police force irrefutable.

The daughter of 2 professional parents who opened the Hungry Jack's Fast Foods Australia arm of American Burger King Fast Food Family Restaurants across Regional South Australia. I grew up attending country schools with strict and isolated parenting on a farm with emu, cattle, my own horse, dogs and an ex menagerie that developed my philanthropic passion and love for animal welfare. My story, true accounts of Strength in victimisation, Inspirational desire for justice and the truth of the dark side of the law and life.

The sexual assault, attempted gang rape and murder of my pets were All offences that occured within a short 3 month period of myself first leaving parental care. Kurt Slaven offending against myself was followed by the 4 boys attempting sexual assault. A short boy with dark hair being the main sexual aggressor he stipulated during this attack that my tongue ring was to suck cock. The dark hair aggressor coming at myself sitting on a flat chair at a white piano, the offender with his penis out. How WRONG the little dick with a big Ego was in his commentary. My tongue ring, a long desired piece of jewellery I spoke of in year 10 at High School to my friends. A piercing ended up a much more personal moment than just for me, was not to suck cock. A Valentine's Day gift in 2001 from my Boyfriend in 2001, Tim. I bought Tim an eyebrow piercing as his Valentines Day gift this year in return and he chose the eyebrow he wanted to pierce. Tim lived outside of Mount Gambier like I did, yet went to Grant High School, Not Allendale East Area School like me. Tim’s parent’s owned a coastal property at Cape Douglas, nothing like my parents farm or the luxurious homes I was used to. The toilet was outside like a couple of my Dad’s friends dairy properties. I had started to stay with Tim and his parents at the end of the Year 12 school year in the year 2000. Having told my friends for years at school that I liked and wanted a tongue ring - nothing sexual about it to myself, I was so excited I was getting my tongue ring asap - like my drivers licence. Milestone moment.

I literally vomited at the statement made by the dark haired aggressor about sucking cock. I was seated on the white piano’s playing stool and threw up on the floor. The driver of the boys was the owner of the White Holden Commodore vehicle to which drove us around this night, Josh Richardson. Known to police, Josh is a convicted felon yet at this time (2001) he was the Only non aggressor. Josh babied myself to the toilet where I continued to literally throw up at the insulting insinuated sexual assault. Such a distressing experience, I was dropped off in the middle of my rental’s property’s street on Margaret Street (photography featured at the end of this introduction chapter) by the driver and the sexually abusive - yet unsuccessful boys.

I had walked away from my friends and outside the nightclub called Blueberries prior to getting into Josh Richardson’s car. I was escaping a boy trying to drag myself into his car through the drivers side door in the carpark and I screamed. The 4 boys, the driver - Josh started yelling at the guy who was attempting to drag me into the vehicle in the carpark. The boys upon first meeting were actually saving myself from a sexual assault attempt this night, which was why I trusted them to cruise around with. The boys were my age and polite to start with until the small ring leader started pushing sexual activities I was Not there for and I vomited.

The Margaret Street property where I first resided in town is located near the refurbished old jail. A well known backpacker facility in Mount Gambier, known for holding some of the most Epic events to entertain the region e.g. ‘Red Hot Summer Tour’, John Farnham, The Living End. A backpacker facility which is known as prostitute accommodation and is located along the same road as entry to the Mount Gambier police station is made by police

Tim was frantic this night, too scared to go out to clubs himself as he was bullied at school and having no girlfriends were insecurities he hadn’t moved past. I did blame Tim, a year older than me for leaving me vulnerable and encouraging me to go out without him. My friends were out looking for me as I did not reenter the nightclub after leaving and was not at home when they got back after 12 am. Underaged we had to leave the nightclub at this time. I was picked up by my friend Kristyn and her then partner Michael on Margaret Street. Kristyn having been out at blueberries with me as well as my then Best Friend Sarah. A country girl unfamiliar with city living dangers, I had made it home from 2 attempted sexual assaults this night and I was not hurt.

The seemingly controversial piercing, not the only alternative body art I desired. The 2 pentagram tattoos I discussed at school for years also - Dad would not let me get a tattoo until I was 24 years of age, an asap with a time frame. At 27 years old the tattoo milestone moment finally played out. I was tattooed in Portland at the Gypsy Joker tattoo bar - not my choice of tattoo bar, Luke Scheidl’s (A Big Boy yet to be formally introduced). In 2014 it was revealed this milestone moment was also to be tarnished by gang activity. The Gypsy Jokers had tried to give me an STD during this tattooing session. Booked by Luke Scheidl, the tattooist failed to change the needle and tattooed between Luke Scheidl and myself with the same needle, blood present, unchanged. A deliberate decision, I was lucky. This time lucky to not contract an STD from the experience.

Tim and I as a couple rented the premises on Margaret Street for 3 months during the beginning half of 2001. My Birthday to turn 17 years of age (2001) falling in the later half of April. When we moved to Doughty Street from this first rental was when my 2 rabbits were murdered. Overnight, in the basically empty Margaret Street property. It had Only been approximately a 12 to 16 hour period since we left this residence where the rabbits were killed. The rental accessed by key to kill the animals, no evident break and enter - as with every home invasion to my properties over 20 years, after Kurt Slaven raped me as a minor, has been. Tim and I had slept at the new rental on Doughty Street overnight. I found one bunny stiff on the dustpan and the other lop eared rabbit in the walkway on the final day moving out from the Margaret Street residence. This rental residence adjoined to a business - debit collection provider then known as ‘Town and Country.’ Our first home away from home, Town and Country was the business of my boyfriend’s Tim’s relatives at the time. The home adjoining the leasees office had no electrical costs, which after 3 months was an agreement that the landlord tried to renege on. As fresh out of home teens, we were only really alone at night which was nice. Being hit with an unexpected electrical bill and being asked to move by your boyfriend's relatives, not so nice. Young and in love, we moved out of home together planning our future, until Tim used a prostitute in 2001. Lucky we were broken as I’m Absolutely in love with Love. True, Romantic Love, I was so in love with Tim. Tim and I shared a love for motorsports and a passion for driving.

I didn’t realise but it changed me. What Kurt Slaven did - the rape, the re-attempt, his threat, all that was orchestrated to follow. Only 16 years of age and I was a police made victim of a hideous crime. A little girl, scared with no idea what do you do, and with no family networks to confide in?! I suffered in Silence. The mid 30's year old police predator, and his disgusting naked body I ran away from. His disgusting podgy belly, elbow out holding his head in his hand - A revolting version of Kate Winslet in the Movie The Titanic, something I can Not erase from my mind even after all this time."


During this period of reporting within the last 6 mths (today's date October 14th 2018) this man (the mechanic) approached me confirming my rapist - this police officer was corrupt and did compromise the SAPOL investigation I was told of initially after the offences Against myself. A clearly ballsy man he continued to state this police officer was a nasty man who would try and get me. At this point I am four years in from my initial report in 2014, police harassment escalating to legal proceedings and each addition to the statement concluding in ‘I am prepared to go to court’, these words are no deterrent. That said I can’t believe that when I finally get to report this that it’s a cover up campaign as opposed to conclusion. The rumours would revolt you - we will get there, hence SAPOL withholding my Freedom Of Information (FOI) request, 9 months of a breach of my Human Rights - The amount of fabricated contents is supposed to be flatteringly attentive.

I lived with my new partner at Lake Terrace West, a good area. 2 bedroom flats of 3. My brother also occupied this property, the property where I first talked about the ordeal. There’s a small room under this flat, it’s dirty and dingy with a mattress. I often wonder if a homeless person sleeps here.

I am at the conclusion I can not report the rape and attempted sexual assault that followed. I volunteer out at an Aged Care facility called The Oaks this leading to a full time position in Disabled Care for government facilities provider then IDSC.

I move twice in a 12 month period with this boyfriend, he continually smashed his driver side window with his fist. Odd behaviour, his demeanour ending our relationship regardless of the bond made when confiding in him regarding the policeman’s offence and reattempt.

I continued to work in Disability and to Swim Teach into years to follow. Swim teaching since I was 15 yrs old I have always kept in the field, awarded 10 years certification from AUSTSWIM.

In 2004 - 2005 I report incidents of neglect and assault at the high dependency house to which I assist clients. Most of these clients could not speak nor had the cognitive ability to report not being fed, medicated, rolled, washed, etc themselves. I spent a year fighting for the voiceless, eventually getting put on 6 months paid leave and promised they would be spending that time to change things with thanks and lots of promise for my work return. I spent this time studying childcare.

Coming to my second report encounter with SAPOL police occurring surrounding this leave period from my government position. I was assaulted by two girls I did not know and a ex girlfriend of my brother who’s mother is a known prostitute in Mount Gambier. They were charged. It took 3 years but I Was compensated, they Were charged with 2 lifetime intervention orders also issued.

The name Kylie was given to me as the 3 offender, the daughters of the prostitute wouldn’t name her. Yet I was informed from police sourcing that was the girls name and she had a Gypsy Joker Uncle - was this why it took 3 years? I used to go to school with the Sargent of arms son, he runs around town saying the Gypsy Jokers own the Mount Gambier Police Station. Knowing the mechanic is linked to the Gypsy Jokers and the rapist police officer is linked to him the possibility of a correlation between the two occurs to me to be the reason for the delay in charging, happy they were convicted life goes on. I buy a house.

Begin of April 2006 the house contract states, I had been renting the property through Malseed Real Estate prior to purchase.

I had a kelpie cross puppy called Kuta, once settled I got a German Shepherd also. Immediately fencing for dogs the exterior was the first facelift.

In 2009 my house made the newspaper. My neighbor was jolted in the rear by another car and was pushed through the front window, the entire front of the car in my lounge. Everyone okay, besides my endless water works. The incident resulting in a year plus of renovations and replacements. My first insurance claim, 25 years and single. New for old was great until it was an air loom, things you don’t remember but think got thrown out you were told to make up like they don’t care about your belongings at all. An emotional person, my once antique furnishings acquired at Estate clearances and antique shops were replaced with imported substitutes.

I then went on to work in the Real Estate industry new and existing home with my only real joy within the field coming for working in new home sales.

My new boyfriend ran his Dads mill out of town and trained. 3 years older than me his Dad had a good business and was heavily involved in a successful sporting club, the house he resided in, in a familiar area to the house my family visited when moving to Mount Gambier. I started to wonder of the facts of this man. He came across as rough but professional and was always respectful to my face. I was brought up to not judge others. Especially not by what they look like. 3 months into this relationship I broke up with this boy, driving to my parents crying I recall my father saying I’m looking for a prince that doesn’t exist. The relationship wasn’t discouraged, reconciliation was - I should have known better.

In the years ahead this boyfriends Dad would threaten to cut off an employees hand and not pay his own son plus other employees for their hard labour.

In 2011, I was given a bank card to keep for my mum in safe keeping. I have a doctors appointment, the nurses area - people waiting, small town regular locals doing a Super important job. As usually I check in for my appointment, this time to be congratulated by the nurse and asked when I became a police officer? My cousin at this time a police officer and my Uncle ex Starforce I brush it off as family related and carry on. Proceeding home to tell my then partner of my day, including the police revolation at my appointment.

2012 was dramatic, I believe it was at the start of the year my human services account was accessed by a third party. The Queensland call centre receiving this call. I also confronted an offender of an serious assault, three others involved I broke up with this boyfriend not feeling I had his support in the situation. My tyre slashed the night of the assault.

The boyfriend having apparently nowhere to go, the break up was drawn out. He to, like his father also started to reveal his true colours. After an aggravated car chase and ramming a friends car he strangled and threatened my life. Driving to the Penola Road service station after this and telling a uniformed cop and his mother of his behaviour. SAPOL have still failed to act on this issue, 2018 with further request for intervention order in 2016/2017.

In 2015 this boyfriend stopped me from being hurt as a result of helping the police with the Gordon Hamm Homicide. It was at this point in time I was told that SAPOL used me as bait in an investigation and that I had had my life compromised by decisions made by my family and the commissioner a number of times. Hence the encouragement of the relationship mentioned earlier. The Police commissioner had been socially present at my Uncle's farm Boxing Day after Christmas 2008 or 2009 I think it was. There was nothing odd about this social celebration between friends with no time to collude. Either way I do not understand how any of these people can conduct such operations and encourage such risk to a life without myself personally volunteering. To be a cop or an undercover cop I need to agree, to be an informant like I was told I had previously been by a convicted criminal mentioning a police officer at this time again, I need to agree. With no contract to SAPOL it’s evident there’s much more to this. At the begin of 2018 I request my FOI from 2001 - 2005 and 2010 - 2017.

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