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NYC Midnight 100 word Challenge

As an Author I love participating in the NYC Midnight challenges! An entrant for a few years now I really enjoy the change of pace and genre writing - seriously SO much fun. Whether your a writer or just love writing - get involved!

My Round 1 April 2023 entry as follows.


GENRE: Suspense and/or Thriller

ACTION: Putting a message in a bottle

WORD: Cook

TITLE: Dulcifer

Eyes glazed, I stirred today's beef casserole. Your favourite.

Suddenly I find myself holding the spoon so tightly. You would watch me cook. Grabbing at my hips when I wasn't looking. My heart flutters every time you touch me.

My tears are burning this page as I write. I miss you. I ache for you. Watching you, glisten in the ocean laying your ashes to rest, I promised you I would always love you. Today, again I placed this letter in a bottle for you. As it floats out to sea, with every tide I know you think of me.

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