A Taste of Chapter 2 - The Story Behind The Brand, Barbwire Noose.

Updated: Aug 10, 2019


‘Salt and Pepper Progress’

It was the garnish on life, my trademark and it’s now 2008. Progress slow and fast and slow and fast from here. The government running an Amazing small business start up program which equip me with a Certificate IV in Small Business Management. Going on to study my Masters in Business Administration at the Australian Institute of Business after company registering. These years starting up we’re hard with all my spare money going towards building a business and saving for it. I was used to living it up and playing hard. I had to give up the constant concerts and trips to Adelaide and Melbourne for a while. Family in Adelaide and music, Music and shopping in Melbourne - a Chadstone arranged marriage from the age of 21. Thats Tiffany and Co, 2 carat, Asscher cut or it’s a No. Gold, Love The Gold.

In 2008/2009 I worked as a Swimming Teacher and in Real Estate, drafting my website in the commission only based role as a New Homes Sales Consultant at G.J.Gardner Homes. We sold new homes in Mount Gambier and the surrounding region, my most distant sale from the office in Naracoorte. I loved my boss Geoff, his wife was cool as too - she would pop into the office and see Geoff. It was cute, like my parents. I would burn CD after CD whilst amending house plans and drafting sales. Geoff did not mind and I thought this was super, I left for the local indoor pool at 3:00 pm starting teaching at 3:30pm.

I hated my first website, it said Everything and Nothing all at the same time and had no established products just stuff. I spent time researching the most popular layouts and making my site functional.

I converted the depths of my feelings in the Barbwire Noose metaphor in relation to the Classic Soundgarden song ‘Pretty Noose’ “I don’t like what you’ve got me hanging from” and my views with experiences into expressive literature.

“Life – A dreamy Nightmare that Grips us by the Throat as we enter this Treacherous World and begins to Squeeze as we struggle to drink from the bosom that Feeds us into Destruction. Dying from Birth we tread through Life’s Bullshit to the Inevitable End of Our Existence. Knowing This, we need Not Fear what life has in store. We need Not Punish Ourselves and become a Shadow to society. 'Fear Is The Root Of All Weakness®'. A Weakness that we should Not bow Down to, as we are Inevitably headed Towards what we will Lose at the end of our Existence – Life. Like a 'Barbwire Noose®' the Reality of our world grips us slowly Bleeding us to our Death with No Remorse. We do Not need to endure more pain in the face of Fear. Embrace Life as it sucks your Vital Soul into the Nothingness of Conformation. Do Not Conform as society demands. Live Life to experience your Mind, your Body, your Souls desire and Fuck the World's Bias opinion. Do Not be Sucked into the Oblivion. Do Not Conform. Alone We Stand Hand In Hand, Without Fear.©”

Written one early morning at random after much deliberation - I liked this, I LOVED This.

The following coming about in much the same way.

“So Life is just that.

We all lose ourselves growing up.

Find ourselves when we least expect it.

Face testing experiences and get through.

Better or Worse.

Liking to think for the better.

Learn from a bad decision - decisions.

Become stronger from experiences.

Life throws Crazy Shit.

We All have Stories.

Some we can share, Some that we wont.

These experiences are Strengths, Not weaknesses.

Choose Courage, Not Fear. Death is Inevitable, the rest is Choice.©”

And this, this is me - My Story in short;

One Testing Experience Too Many, A Life Of Endless Lives And A Yellow Curtain Blind.

Like Ben and Jerry’s ice cream what I felt like I was contributing now was visibly special. My label and what it represented, strength and empowerment - the conquering and caving of Fear. It really left me with that content warm and fuzzy The Tonight Dough starring Jimmy Fallon glow on the inside. I became more consumed with everything to do with my label, my baby, my One Love Barbwire Noose.

I Designed documents on documents and trailed many letterheads. Vistaprint Great for

business printing with great prices. I built my foundations with Vistaprint business offers utilising advertising flyers, pamphlets, business cards and many other promotional products. Shipping of Vistaprint products was initially from overseas to Australia. International supply for these cosmetic business needs with a couple of retail products produced also. Within a couple of years from 2009 the products began to be printed locally here in Australia, in Victoria. Shipping was now as fast as overnight with Australian based production. I was utilising a local Mount Gambier facility initially and my own personal manual labour to produce Barbwire Noose threads. By 2012 I had garments printing locally in Australia by a young Army Veteran residing in Victoria. As well as a USA supplier and the print production done personally in house,

regional South Australia.

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